Here's what a few campers have said...

“Unforgettable Experience. My experience at Core Camps was truly unforgettable, I was with the camp for 11 weeks. My snowboarding improved so much over the 11 weeks - learning and doing so many things I didn't think I would ever do. Turner and the coaches really helped make my Core Camp experience with their immense knowledge of snowboarding and the Whistler Blackcomb mountain area - with their knowledge came many secret spots where you could find untouched runs of powder or terrain that I didn't even know existed. I went into the camp not knowing anyone as a solo traveller however made so many friends for life, which made my experience even more enjoyable. The camp in all aspects was beyond what I imagined and truly had an unforgettable time, I would recommend it as a must for anyone interested in skiing or snowboarding."

Tilly - Australia - 11 week camp (age 20)

I love Core Camps! It's really hard to explain exactly why but I'll give it a go. Turner has built a family. This is no easy task as each weekend new people arrive and old people leave. But from the day I set foot, I felt like I'd been there months. One of the really nice things about the group I was with was the eclectic mix. I live in Hong Kong, one was from Australia, US, Canada, UK and South Africa. That made it really special. The coaches and tour guides know the mountain better than anyone else, they take you to the best spots and constantly push you to go that little bit further. Whistler as a destination is unreal. So much to ski/board. You could do an entire season and not get board of this place. I couldn't recommend Core enough. Since completing my first camp I've already put my name down for another. If you're on the fence, just book it. I promise you, you won't regret it.

Rob - UK / Hong Kong - 2 week Whistler Camp + Japan Camp (age 32)

What a great ride with Core Camps! The only thing you would regret is not to stay longer! You will feel part of a small awesome family while in Whistler , with plenty activities besides great Snowboard/Ski lessons with top coaches, great support from Turner and his team and definitely a great time with all your new friends from around the world. Looking forward for my next season with Core Camps! Highly recommended!

Adrian - Germany - 2 week camp (age 21)

Hey Turner! Thanks again for having me. I’m definitely joining again as soon as possible and want to do two or more weeks to get the most out if it. The experience was amazing and I learned so much, especially considering how deconditioned and preoccupied I’ve been with work lately! I will really be able to leverage what I’ve learned the next time I’m there especially with a longer stay. What you have created is absolutely brilliant man. You, Jordan and your crew provide indispensable formal instruction for real growth in the sport along with a unique and invaluable social experience. Please continue to include me in all your notifications. I’ll let you know as soon as I can figure out when I can come back. Please continue to include me in the loop. I’ll let you know as soon as I can figure out when I can come back. Thanks again for everything Turner.

Rushin - Florida, USA - 1 week camp (age 35)

Could not recommend more for skiers and boarders. No matter what your level, you will leave riding much better and more comfortable across more terrain. Plus you will have fun and meet new people doing it! If you want a more complete experience than a standard lesson then try a camp. You will not regret it!

Luke - Australia - 3 week camp (age 18)

What a great experience!!! This camp is the best skiing experience I've ever had and I've been skiing since I was 3. I absolutely recommend it! Amazing people, skillful coaches and the beauty of Whistler combined is just unbeatable. Definitely want to go back!

Luca - Switzerland - 8 week camp (age 22)

Thank you Turner.....He had a blast...he loved it and totally can't wait till Winter... He said he had such a great time with all the people...his new family!!!! Thank you for everything you did to make this a positive and fantastic experience. Thanks for returning him in one piece. Thank you for watching over him and giving him a life experience in a passion that he has developed. Hopefully he was respectful, helpful, and a positive and valuable addition to your ski program!!!! (Let me know!!!!) He has not stopped talking about the great skiing (POWDER!!!! POWDER !!!!! and more POWDER!!!) He loved the Argentinean Mountains of Bariloche, he had so much fun horseback riding and going to the lake and hanging out at night for all the social events and dinners and cookouts... and all the GOUCHO MEAT!!!!! Josh loves his steaks!!!!! And Lamb!!!!! And of course the day he had at the end in BUENOS AIRES Touring and hanging out “in his Extra Day!!!” Turner… I said to you when we signed up that this would be the best training, best camp, and best experience with your group and Your program… and your direction and watchful eye. THANK YOU AGAIN for not only delivering the awesome SKI (and I know for you BOARDING!!!!) Experience…for teaching him to be a better and more advanced skier and, TURNER……………….ESPECIALLY for Josh at 16 years old to travel to South America, hang out with people and now friends / ski family from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! And for him to learn about Another country, culture and people while combining it with his passion to be a better skier and better person….It was a total HOME RUN!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Josh (from his Dad) - USA - Argentina Camp, Japan Camp, Whistler Camp x 3 (age 16)

“Best Vacation Ever!!!!! Over the past two years I have been with Core Camps for a grand total of a month and a half, and I loved every second of it. The skiing is the best, there is something for everyone to learn or try, everyday I was up on the hill I was laughing and improving myself as a skier. I highly recommend Core Camps to anyone of any age or of any skill level, Core has created a welcoming and warm environment for everyone whether it be on hill or off hill your always entertained and having fun."

Cian - Argentina Camp and 3 x Whistler Camp - Brazil (age 18)

Amazing experience! Had the best two weeks with core camps. Everything was really well organised, accommodation was great and perfect location. Coaches were awesome and know the mountain so well you get taken to all the best spots. Met so many great people from all over the world. Turner is super cool and always there to help with anything you need + give advice about places to go in the area. Wish i could have stayed longer! Really hope to be able to return in the future. Core was everything i hoped and more.

Kirsty - UK - 2 week camp (age 28)

Perfect setup for anyone looking to go on a solo trip, with a partner, or with a group of friends. Very well organised from an operations perspective, not forgetting the excellent coaches who know the mountains like the back of their hand. People who join these camps are serious about snow, and fun to be around. You'll be hard pressed to find a better camp in the mountains.

Dan - USA - 2 week camp (age 35)

Just spent an awesome 4 weeks with Core Camps! Turner and the rest of the guys take all the stress out of planning a ski trip - you literally just have to rock up and have fun! Was really pushed to take my skiing to another level during these 4 weeks. Learnt so much and tried many things I wouldn't even contemplate had it not been for the amazing coaches and encouragement from the rest of the group. Will be back! See you in 2018!

Sarah-Anne - Singapore - 4 week camp (age 30)

I was supposed to stay in CoreCamps just for one week but finally I decide to stay 3 weeks because it was an absolutely amazing experience. Corecamps is about riding with super nice people, making new friends and to share some awesome stories with people from all over the world. The coaches take you a little bit out of your comfort zone so you will defintive improve your riding on a safe way. Turner and all the guys from Corecamps do everything that you feel great- join Corecamps and you will have an unforgettable experience for sure!

Katharina - Switzerland - 3 week camp (age 20)

Hi Turner, we just want to say thank you to you and the whole team. This was a "great awesome hard to describe with words" experience. Jordan is a really awesome person and coach who made the Corecamp adventure to a lifetime adventure on the slopes and on the dance floor =) Just let me know when the red sticker on the Japan Camp is getting closer, that we can get our spot, waiting for your mail! Hope to see you all soon again and enjoy the rest of this great season and La Nina winter. Thanks so much!

Ben and Sheila - Germany - 2 week camps (age 26)

Best time of the year, every year...awesome crew, awesome mountains, awesome everything

Christian - Colombia - 4 x 1 week camps (age 24)

Best week! If you're thinking about going, go!

Julia - Sweden - 1 week camp (age 30)

Fantastic experience; lots of fun, very well run and great value for money. Discovered areas of the mountains with Core Camp's instructors which I would never have found on my own. Do it!

Campbell - UK - 2 week camp (age 28)

A fantastic experience all around! Core Camps will guide you to new terrain and get you going to places you wouldn't consider otherwise. Campers come from a diverse background and all share the same passion for skiing and snowboarding.

Patrick - Australia - 2 week camp (age 32)

Came up on my own, and had a great time! Everyone was really friendly. The camp was very well organized, and the coaches were awesome. They took us to spots on the mountain that we would not have gone on our own, and gave good feedback to everyone on technique, etc. Highly recommend, whether travelling alone or with friends. I only stayed a week (which was a bit too short)

Joanna - Canada - 1 week camp (age 32)

My wife and I booked into Core camps for our honeymoon. I can't speak to highly about this place. All the guys working there were fantastic and really helped us progress

John and Niamh - Ireland - 2 week camps (age 32)

Definitely going to do another Core Camp next season!!! They have a great team that will push you out of your comfort zone and improve your riding. I recommend more than one week if possible :)

Sefi - USA - 1 week camp (age 35)

So amazing experience! Whistler offers unbelievably huge terrain for riders and these guys will show you how to get the most out of it. Everything is very well-organized, accomodation is really nice. Coaches are extremely experienced - no matter what your current level is, they will make you a better and more confident rider. I improved my riding a lot, met people from all over the world and had really great time there! Highly recommend - you will not regret that!

Tomasz - Poland - 2 week camp (age 34)

As two beginners in snowboarding with only 6 days of riding experience, my husband and I didn't really know what to expect from a one week camp. We were hoping to get more out of this camp than just signing up with group lessons at ski resort in which our luck are dependent on the mercy of random coach assignment. The camp blew us away with amazing coach and nice comrade atmosphere in the rider house. It started clicking on day one and I could feel improvement with every run down the slope. The only regret we have is we couldn't stay longer for multiple week camps. Highly recommended!

Sophie and Yan - USA - 1 week Beginner Camp (age 42)

Fantastic week. Very cool and helpful instructors. I opted for the full day sessions. Freeride in the morning and freestyle in the afternoon. The best part of the camp is being able to ride with other goal orientated people. Just trying to get better. Turner was very accommodating. I broke my tailbone on the mountain the day before I was supposed to start camp. He let me take a rain check and do the camp when my tailbone healed. Which was very considerate. Try them out!

Bao - Canada - 2 x 1 week camps (age 39)

Best snowboard experience ever! I did stuff that I wouldn't have done without the great coaches because not only they know everything about Whistler Blackcomb where to find perfect places but also because they teach you exactly where you need it. This results in improvements and getting confidence in various things about snowboarding. I can recommend it to everyone who loves snowboarding, likes getting to know great new people from all over the world and knows how to party hard. ;-) no without joking guys, this is it! Thank you for everything Core family, you are the best!

Jeanine - Switzerland - 5 week camp (age 24)

Always a great time with core camps! Awesome bunch of people, good food and lots of comedy! Turner and Marcos did an awesome job at arranging every last detail of the trip and with guiding us around Niseko!

Tom - Netherlands - 12 week Whistler Camp, Japan Camp, Argentina Camp (age 24)

I had a fantastic time at Core Camps! The instructors are world class, everything is organised very well, and the other campers are always a great bunch of people. Thanks again Tuner, I will definitely be back!

Paul - Australia - 3 week camp (age 30)

Really well organised camp for snowboarders. The instructors are professional and help you push yourself in a friendly environment. Also great fun meeting and riding with snowboarders from all around the world. I'll definitely go back and recommend the camp to others!

Mishtu - UK - 1 week camp (age 40)

Great trip, friendly bunch and focus on good times :-)

David - UK - Whistler Camp x 4, Alaska Camp, Japan Camp, Argentina Camp (age 36)

I stayed for 4 weeks in the Core Camp and it was the best time that I ever had in my life. I met a lot of new, great people and the evenings that we spent together were so much fun. I never thought that the skiing can be so awesome. But Whistler is a wonderful place and the coaches from Core Camp are incredible. We did a lot of great stuff. Some of them I never thought that I'm able to do this. All what I can say is, thank you for the unforgettable time!!!

Karin - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 28)

It was the best time that I ever had! I stayed for 7 weeks in the Core Camp and it was amazing. I never had such a good time on the Snowboard. You will be better after the camp in everything, because the coaches from the camp are awesome. They push you to the limit. « Go big or go home » I met a lot of new people from all over the world. I can`t say how the feeling is, when you are a part of this little family. It was wonderful. Thanks for this unbelievable time in Whistler.

Alex - Australia - 7 week camp + Alaska Camp (age 30)

Amazing experience, unfortunately I only got to stay there for 1 week, but it was enough to improve my riding skills. Turner and the instructors are great, I rode with Ollie and got to learn a bunch from him. Besides the instructors I also got to meet several other riders who were participating in the camp and that contribute to make an unforgettable experience. Will definitely come back for a couple more weeks as soon as possible.

Fernando - Brazil - 1 week camp (age 35)

Ultimate powder, life changing experience. :)

Christine - USA - 1 week x 2 (age 24)

I just spent my second two week stay with Core. I had originally only booked a one week stay, but after 2 nights in Whistler I knew one week wasn't going to be enough. Turner was able to work with me and find a spot for me to stay. The thing I love most about Core Camps is the people. Nearly everyone in camp is travelling solo, creating an environment like no other. You instantly make friends from all over the globe. Since everyone is coming in solo, everyone is very welcoming and friendly. When you first arrive you will have to get your groceries for the week, usually someone that has been there is more than willing to walk down to the village with you to show you around and help out anyway you can. The riding: Turner has assembled some of the best coaches around. They are unbelievable riders, and are able to teach you anything you want to know, and can find subtle habits in your riding to correct. All the coaches have spent many seasons in Whistler, so going with Core will allow you to visit all of the secret local spots that you would otherwise not even know existed. Everyone that goes to Core leaves a better rider than when they arrived. Whether you're going for one week or an entire season. They do a video night once a week where you get to see yourself ride and share some laughs with the other campers, these video sessions really help understand just what the coach has been saying all week. I cannot say enough about Core Camps, I recommend it to everyone. This recent trip was my second time back, but definitely will not be the last. Thank you Turner for the most amazing experience of my life.

Andrew - Canada - 2 week camp x 2 + Alaska Camp (age 23)

I was in freestyle camp for 2 weeks, It was soo good I regretted not signing up for full days. Coaches are full of energy all day. Turner (the owner) will do anything to help. Most of us come alone, various ages and skill levels, but we all end up being a big ski family. Never felt so at home away from home. Ever since I left I have been thinking about coming back. Cya soon again Core Camps!

Adelaide - Australia - 2 week camp (age 25)

Best experience ever. Great instructors and a very personal set-up. Must-do!

Karl - UK - Backcountry Camp (age 29)

Incredibly authentic Whistler snowboard camp. Turner and the coaches are phenomenal and will constantly push you to improve your snowboarding. Fantastic experience!

Nicholas - South Africa - 4 week camp (age 26)

Great experience! I recommend and will be back soon!

Alexandre - Brazil - 1 week camp (age 33)

Skiing and riding with Core is a life changing experience! Super friendly and will improve your riding!

Anthony - Australia - Whistler Camp x 2 and Alaska Camp (age 32)

I was going to write this super long review describing how awesome core camps is...but I haven't had time as I am too busy planning my 5th trip back with them

Doug - Canada - Whistler Camp x 3 + Alaska Camp (age 26)

**Highly recommended** Very cool knowledgeable camp crew/coaches guiding you on the best terrain in Whistler (On and off-piste, backcountry, park, trees, etc.) and pushing your limits the right way! Thanks Turner, Olivier, Jordan and team for an amazing good time on and off the mountain! Looking forward to next time!

Yamil - USA - 1 week camp (age 37)

The Core Camps family are a great team that are able to improve and raise the game of riders in a super tailored and personalised way. Not just thinking about a repeat trip, but more about repeat trips!

Mike - Canada - 2 camps so far (age 42)

Highly recommended! Stayed with Core for 12 weeks way back in 2016. Picked up something new everyday, and constantly being pushed into new terrain; technique and tricks is a really effective teaching style. The instructors are equally as friendly as they are talented, and just watching them ride is constant education. The owner Turner couldn’t be more hospitable, providing both an incredible experience & atmosphere. He’s ok on a board too i guess! If you're looking to progress, ride pow and meet likeminded people on the way, this is a great place to check out

Krishan - UK - 12 week camp (age 21)

Wow. Had an amazing time. Great coaches. Core's attention to every detail ensured the best experience possible. Couldn't have asked for more. Wish I could give you 6 stars out of 5. Thanks Core Camps.

Azmy - Canada - 1 week camp (age 36)

Third time with this fantastic camp in a wonderful location, and it won't be my last. If you are looking for:- * The most fun you can have sliding down a mountain * Beautiful mountains * Top class instruction * Great people (Both instructors and campers) then this is the camp for you. Can't recommend the camp highly enough. Ollie, Jordan and Marcos are all fantastic coaches, and I have seen everyone from a 2 week novice to a CASI level 2 qualified boarder improve their riding in the course of a camp, and more importantly have a great time doing it. Thanks to everyone in Core, and see you again soon!

Tom - Ireland - 3 x 2 week camps (age 34)

If your goal is improving your riding, meeting amazing people, have good times and a bunch of laughs, then Core Camps is the place. Can't fault my experience except for not being able to stay longer.

Kristo - Croatia - 3 + 7 week camps (age 30)

Core Camps is the best program for: • Meet and love the beautiful and great area of Whistler Blackcomb. • Improve your own snowboard skills • Meet great people • excellent experiences • And to spend the best/funniest time Competent, helpful and friendly coaches who always have a joke in store. I was always afraid to drive over a box. The coach could take away my fear and I felt safer with everything. They know the area very well and brought us every day to beautiful spots, which I wouldn’t have found myself. They give individual tips while driving. At the weekly video analysis, Turner and the coaches give suggestions for improvement and compliments. You can see how much the Core Camps Turner means. Turner manages to turn the core camps into a family. As I had already been to Whistler, I was admitted to the family before my stay in the camp. I’m home two weeks and I miss my international family. I would recommend everyone to go to Core Camps. Already on the second day I realized that it will not be my last stay in the Core Camps. It was the best two weeks I've had so far and I hope to be able to go again soon.

Chiara - Switzerland - 2 week camp (age 20)

Amazing camp. Flawless logistics, passionate instructors, and whole lot of fun and learning. I had less than 20 days of snowboard experience before coming to Core, and left camp feeling confident on all types of terrain, and was trying tricks and jumps in the terrain park. Everyone's experience was totally customized, and no two days were the same. The super passionate coaches took us to experience parts of the mountain I never would've known to go otherwise, and there was never a lack of things to do in the evenings with housemates or events organized by the camp. Two weeks wasn't long enough, I can't wait to be back :)

Nicole - Canada - 2 week camp (age 25)

Although I only stayed with Core Camps for a week, I got everything that I came for and more ! Turner is an excellent host who cares about your experience and thinks with you how to make things work best. Marcos was my coach (skiing) and while he (of course) also made sure the basics were in place (technique, pointers, position, balance, etc), he focused on having FUN and the mental element of skiing... This is what makes the difference for me between a good coach and a great one. As Turner said to me: our coaches take the campers out to do stuff that they'd also choose to do in their own free time... All-in-all an excellent experience that both boosted my skiing level, as well as my confidence, happy to recommend!

Jeroen - Netherlands - 1 week camp (age 35)

I had an amazing time in Whistler with Core camps. My skiing improved so much thanks to my wonderful coach Marcos. It was always so much fun riding with him and the group, I already miss it. The camp is great value and if you're hesitant to book it, just do it. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. I'm already looking forward to coming back someday.

Danielle - Switzerland - 3 week camp (age 21)

Best snowboarding camp to learn and have fun. Its my third time with core camps and I can’t even wait till I’m back next year. Big thanks to Turner and Ollie for all the effort!

Ahmad - Kuwait - 12 weeks over 3 camps (Whistler and Road Trip Camps) (age 33)

With no skiing experience, I spent a week at Core Camps and had the time of my life! Turner took care of all gear hire, ski lessons, accommodation and transport logistics which meant I had nothing to think about and could just relax and have fun. I loved getting to know the other campers and wished I could have stayed longer! I would highly recommend Core Camps and can’t wait to book again :)

Annabel - Australia - 1 week Beginner Ski Camp (age 21)

Wonderful experience with the camp. The coaches work hard to correct individual weaknesses during the day. At the house at night, you get to mingle with many people from all over the world. Camp is well run by Turner. Will look forward to return when schedule allows.

Keith - USA - 11 week camp (age 47)

Pardon the pun, but the Core of these camps is maximum fun. Exceptionally planned and organized, from, the moment you land in Vancouver, things run smoothly at Turner's direction. And when you set foot on the mountain you know you're in capable hands with Core's first rate coaches. One week was the highlight of my winter thus far, and it spoke to the quality of the camp that at the end of it, I was ready to book another week. The camp attracts many like-minded folks, so even when you're not riding, you'll be enjoying hanging out with some of the best new friends you can make.

Craig - Canada - 2 week camp (age 32)

The camp has a really friendly relaxed atmosphere and if the resort has unridden powder available the coaches will be able to find it. The camp is really well run and flexible. The only negative is having to go home when you wish you could stay for the rest of the season.

Pete - UK - 1 + 2 week camps (age 24)

Neck deep pow pow, backcountry onsens, saki, sushi, good vibes, great coaches. What more could you want.

John - UK - Whistler Camp x 4, Japan Camp, Argentina Camp, Alaska Camp, Road Trip Camp... (age 40)

Core Camps in Whistler was an incredible experience - to the point where half a week in to my two week camp, I requested to extend for an extra week! The camp is run seamlessly thanks to Turner, and the coaching on the mountain will push you past any previous boundaries or limits you may have placed on your skiing/boarding. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to take their skiing/boarding to the next level(s), it’s more than worth it.

Ben - Australia - 2 week camp (age 23)

Amazing opportunity to improve on your skiing, meet new people from all around the world and have lots of fun! It is very well organized. I believe one week is not enough, time flies!

Elisa and Rosie (sisters) - Argentina - 1 week camps (age 18)

This camp is amazing! had the best days of snowboard of my live with CORE, great coaches and always new friends.

Jeff - Brazil - Whistler Camp x 2 + Japan Camp (age 28)

Quite honestly the best ski/snowboard camp you will ever experience. Turner and the crew run Core unbelievably well, from the moment you think about booking to the day you eventually leave. Everything is handled for you, so all you have to worry about is enjoying your skiing. I was also incredibly lucky to have met some lifelong friends, spent some time riding with the best skiers/boarders I've ridden with, got pushed to my absolute limits and ultimately improved my skiing no end. Big thanks to ski coaches Javi and Marcos and of course Turner for having set up this amazing camp. See you next year guys.

Charles - UK - 6 week camp (age 22)

Having had such an amazing time during my backcountry camp I decided to rejoin Core for their Japan camp. I can say, without hesitation, that this was the best skiing experience of my life. We happened to experience unbelievable conditions during our time there and were fortunate to wake up to a powder day nearly every day of our trip. The snow in Niseko is ridiculously light and fluffy. We had a great group of hard-charging skiers and snowboards on our trip. Turner and Marcos were fantastic coaches, as usual, who took us all over the mountain to find the most interesting and challenging runs each day we were out. I would 100% recommend going on this trip if you have the opportunity. Life-changing experience for me.

Christopher - USA - Japan Camp (age 37)

Just returned from the 2 week backcountry camp and have nothing but positive things to say about the experience. The camps allow you to spend your time with an international group of enthusiastic like-minded skiers/snowboards. The coaches are experienced, know the mountain well and are very encouraging. I'd highly recommend the camp to anyone considering it.

Christopher - USA - 2 week Backcountry Camp (age 37)

I joined the camp as a skier for one week and did not stay in camp accommodation. Core was a great way to improve all mountain skiing, particularly skiing cornices, drop-offs, powder, moguls and some park. I had a great time and met a super bunch of people. The team at the Camp (Turner and Vic) were friendly and very well organised. Only wish I had longer!

Tom - UK - 1 week camp (age 31)

Best Coaches on the mountain!!, Small groups, Riders will come out of this camp like a Pro. You will reach that next level you are looking for. Highly recommend, and CORE CAMP is where it’s at.

Scott - Hong Kong - Whistler Camp x 4, Alaska Camp, Japan Camp... (age 41)

Awesome ski camp, with a real community vibe and rad coaches who push you just as much mentally as they do on skills. I never thought I would be hitting cliff and cornice drops, skiing gnarly chutes or taking lines through trees at high speed, but that's where the Core Camps coaches get you to! Thanks Turner and the gang and hope to see you next year!

Robert - UK - 5 week camp (age 32)

Thanks to all you guys at Core Camps. You made it nothing but perfect for my daughter (Asta) and I. But then again, I knew that since you did that also last time for my son (Hjalte) and I 3 years ago. A special thanks to our coaches, Clovis and Jordan, you were simply the best. And thanks for the special attention you gave me in the afternoons, much appreciated. To all of you fathers out there, give yourself a special treat and bring your children and yourself to Core Camps and live for one week in a rider-house filled with nothing but joy, happiness and fun. Thanks again, Turner to you and your crew. Hope to see you soon again

Peter, Asta, Hjalte - Denmark - 2 camps with his teenage kids (age 50)

Had great fun with Turner, Marcos and the Core Camps crew. Improved my technique enormously over the two weeks I was there (oddly as an advanced skier a lot of simple stuff was what really needed fixing). Also learnt how to jump of cliffs and all kinds of fun. The guiding aspect of the lessons is something I really value (it's technique whilst having fun / going places you wouldn't normally). To note, the camp I did was mornings only which confuses some people. I'm a fit guy and trust me, mornings is plenty. Thanks Core Camps - see you soon.

Alistair - UK - 2 week camp (age 31)

100% worth-it. Quality adult snowboard instruction is difficult to find, and after a lot of research I settled on Core Camps which exceeded my expectations... I participated in the freestyle instruction program. From the camp, I wanted to learn proper form on larger jumps to stay balanced in the air- mission accomplished with the help of my coach. Plus I wanted to learn proper spinning technique for a beginner- goal met. By the end of camp instruction, I was landing clean 360s. It was also cool that my coach video recorded a lot of runs- so it was nice to have the footage to share with my friends when I got home. From a convenience standpoint, I like that the office/facilities are an easy walk from the mountain. Great time and highly recommended.

Charlie - USA - 1 week camp (age 38)

A fabulous camp, so good I came back a second time! It is well run in terms of the ski lesson part, as well as the accommodation and logistics side. Turner will go out of his way to make sure you have the best possible experience Top notch instructors - I learnt so much, not just about skiing technique, but also about reading the mountain, how to find the best snow, and how to handle/approach different situations. Thank you Turner, Marcos and the rest of the team!

Anna - Australia - 3 week Camp x 2 (age 31)

Had a tremendous experience in Argentina with Core Camps this August. Both Turner and Marcos were fantastic guiding us through the mountains and exploring the town. The food, the laughs and the company, a truly wonderful adventure!

Mikaela - Canada - Argentina Camp (age 25)

I've been with Core Camps to four different countries (Niseko/Japan, Whistler/Canada, Bariloche/Argentina, and Alyeska/Alaska) and each trip has been unforgettable and amazing. Turner, Marcos, Jordan and the rest of the Core crew are terrific and really take great care of the campers both on and off the mountain. Just finished the Niseko camp, which was a trip of a lifetime. Had some amazing runs and made friends with a terrific group of people.

Warren - USA - Argentina Camp x 3, Whistler Camp x 4, Japan Camp, Alaska Camp (age 49)

Dear Turner, It was a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable, beautiful experience in Argentina. I really enjoyed joining you and the terrific group. Everyone was great. You have developed a memorable brand and the group has a wonderful vibe. So Fun in every way...it was an inspirational time. Fantastic to meet you and spend time. Warm wishes

Clara - USA - Argentina Camp (age 60)

Had a blast, thanks so much for putting it together and hosting.

Donald - USA - Whistler Camp + Argentina Camp (age 31)

Turner Sir, the 2018 Trip was fantastic and again it was a mix of great people, weather, food and drink and thanks to you and Marcos the way it was organised and run - it was top drawer sir. Dave & I certainly appreciated being able to bolt on things like La Frey [hut trip] and Las Lenas and as is the Core way you allowed those who wanted to try this and that's the make of the forward thinking person you are and the ethos of Core. We could not have done it without you and the awesome Marcos, who hooked us up with his contacts in a heartbeat and whom took us into their care and friendship like they knew us for years. The above makes the 2018 Trip even more unique than 2014.

Dermot - Ireland - Argentina Camp x 2, Alaska Camp, Japan Camp, Road Trip Camp, Whistler Camp x 5 (age 40)

Hi Turner, I have to thank you! My expectations have been exceeded by far. The camp was a blast!!! :-) The snowboarding was awesome, more pow days than during the whole last season in Switzerland, and I had a lot of fun and good laughs with you guys. Not to forget the super tasty food and vinous evenings. I had a great time with Core Camps and it really helped me to recharge my batteries after an insanely busy time at work. And I'm in love with Argentina now and definitely want to visit it again some time. I'm sure I will return to Core Camps, may it be in Whistler or somewhere else around the world. Finally I'd like to thank you (and Marcos) for your kind words to me [on the] last Friday evening, I really appreciated them. Best regards,

Vera - Switzerland - Argentina Camp and Whistler Camp (age 32)

Yo Turner, I'm so glad i signed up for the trip - it was a unforgettable experience. Such a down to earth crew, couldn't imagine a better posse. I can't thank you and Marcos enough for making it what it was. Killed it bro. Catch you on the flip side.

Mick - Australia - Argentina Camp x 2, Japan Camp x 2, Whistler Camp x 3 (age 27)

“DO IT! Best way to appreciate whistler! An incredible way to go to whistler. The camp is flexible, friendly and doesn't take itself too seriously...saying that it can safely take you to whatever limits you would like to push yourself to on the mountain. The coaches are extremely experienced and can tailor the lessons to what you need. Sometimes that is working on a specific part of your carving other days its showing you some of the lesser known spots. I had visited whistler before but as a tourist you dont even scratch the surface. They always know where the best conditions on the mountain are and therefore you get more out of your trip than is safely possible without them. People often worried about who (age/gender/level etc etc etc) is on the camp but they are pointless worries. Everyone is there to ride and the levels are so varied that you will find your place in no time. Just you, with a friend or a group its fantastic. For a week, a month or a season. Core Camps is the ideal set up for snowboarding, thats why sooo many people come back. This has been a bit of a gushing review for me but I had 2 months there and bloody loved it!"

Bobby - UK - 8 week camp (age 33)

“My favorite escape... I had such an amazing and unforgettable experience during my week long stay with Core Camp! If you want to have fun while incorporating a higher level of athleticism to your skiing ability, I highly recommend that you sign up soon. The camp exceeded my expectations in all aspects ranging from the efficient enrollment process and comprehensive agenda, to the goals/results achieved throughout my stay. The instructors are colorful characters and provided insightful techniques that helped me to charge fast and freely down runs less travelled set amongst a backdrop of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. I learned so much about expanding my capabilities, skiing smarter across various terrain, equipment fundamentals, forces of nature, and the ONLY way one should eat chicken wings. Fellow campers were diverse, personable and energetic. So encouraging and such a pleasure to ride with. Turner, the camp owner/director, is top notch. He is extremely thoughtful, ensuring that everyone is integrated and having a fabulous time both on and off the slopes. I loved the group BBQ! This was my fifth visit to Whistler, but the first time seeing and feeling it in such a unique and inspiring way. I am so grateful for the opportunity of having Core Camp as part of my journey. I hope it becomes a part of yours too."

Bernice - USA - 1 week camp (age 40)

“Best way to experience Whistler! Core camps have so much to offer. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills, find some great spots on Whistler Blackcomb, or just have a fun time with a good group of people, this is the camp for you. I was only able to stay for a week, but it was one of the best weeks ever. If I had the opportunity to stay longer, I would do so without question. Unfortunately, my work schedule wouldn’t allow it. Thank you Core camps for making my Whistler vacation so delightful!"

Philip - USA - 1 week camp (age 23)

“Best SnowCamp Ever...=) The Coaches are great, lots of positive input, great motivators, and makes everything come together for the riders. Riders are awesome, and always have your back on the mountain."

Scott - Hong Kong - Whistler x 4, Japan and Alaska Camps (age 41)

“Can´t wait for next season!!!! I spent a great week with Core Camps in January 2016. Everything and everyone, from Turner, the coaches, the other campers in the house…..help me to get in the “zone” of riding and getting better. And the weather was excellent (powder days). Flute bow was the best!!! If you are in doubt of taking this journey with Core Camps, GO FOR IT!!!! I was, but I enjoyed so much that I am looking forward to come back next season to stay as much time as I can. Hopefully it would be more than 1 week. Core camps takes cares of everything, all you need to worry is to have fun! Thank you Turner and the crew for everything."

Bruno - Peru - 1 week camp (age 38)

“Get Screaming! It was my first time at Core Camps and Whistler and such a different take on a weeks' ski course. If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone, improve in powder, throw yourself off some jumps and meet a bunch of like minded people then this is for you. Intermediate skiers will benefit most as you will take a step up from piste technique focus and really get learning by example and practise. The free ski element really pushes you to get involved and take your skiing to the next level. But you have to be brave and get stuck in! I think if you want to truly feel part of the team you are best staying in the group accommodation but even though I didn't, I had a great time meeting a whole range of ages and nationalities. This adds to the experience and it was lovely to meet the Argie coaches Javier and Marcos too. I know Javi enjoyed my switch ski-ing the most ;) Turner is very organised and helpful and this ensures that you don't need to worry about too much when you get there and that you can trust the booking from overseas. Hopefully I will be back one day and this course has given me the confidence to step up my skiing and I look forward to practicing what I have learnt on my next trip."

Louise - UK - 1 week camp (age 39)

“So much serenity... I had nothing short of a fricking blast at Core Camps, Whistler. After a long year of solid work, I needed a break, something that didn't involve too much organising and would entertain me. I was extremely entertained. From day one, Turner, general big boss man, snowboarder extraordinaire, aficionado of peculiar cult films and practicing comedian (still needs some work), was an extraordinary host. Arriving in the big unknown of Canada, jet-lagged and alone, I was promptly escorted directly to the door of one of the camp houses, where I stayed for the next 4 weeks, surrounded by great people and good times. The thing about Core Camps, although of course a clichè, you do feel part of a family and coming alone or in a group everyone welcomes you with arms akimbo. The snow was insanely good, I don't think there was a week where we didn't have at least 1 (if not 5) days where we were lining up bright and early for some sweet pow runs (proceeding to get so #pitted). Variety of great coaches, who became good friends once we broke down their shallow facades of snowboarding despots. Big shout out to Oli, Melie and Luke. Getting emotional, have to stop. But unequivocal and indubitable good times to be had I'd still be there if I wasn't broke now"

Brendan - Australia - 4 week camp (age 24)

“Best month ever! I had such a good time with Core last year that I just had to come back for another month this year and it was the best month ever. We rode fresh powder, did tree runs, jumps, drops and carved up the mountains. My snowboarding improved so much that I went from doing green and blue runs to double blacks competently. All the campers and coaches are super nice and it's such a positive and supportive atmosphere I didn't want to leave. I can't wait until next season - I think I'll do two months!!" {and her did}

Alex - Australia - 1 + 4 + 8 week camps (age 31)

“Get involved... You won't regret it! If you are planning a trip to Whistler do yourself a favour and get involved with Core Camps, you won't regret it! Myself and my two friends did just that and had the best two weeks ever. We loved skiing with our awesome coaches Javier and Marcos who taught us loads and pushed us to get outside of our comfort zone and keep improving... all while taking us to all the best spots on the mountain. Other than the amazing skiing the other main thing that impressed us about Core was the service. From the moment we registered for Core Camps to the moment we left Turner went out of his way to ensure everything went smoothly. If you love getting knee deep in powder and meeting some really cool people along the way then Core is definitely for you!"

Sean - Scotland - 2 week camp (age 24)

“Great Experience! I join Core Camps for 2 weeks as a snowboard beginner. I learned solid techniques that allow me to snowboard with confidence with the proper mindset to always reach the next level. Thanks for the excellent coaches I had there! People there are awesome and Turner is a great organizator. I recommend the camps and I wish I could have stay longer there!"

Saphir - France - 2 week camp (age 25)

“Off the scale. My biggest brother and I checked into Core Camps during a family holiday in Whistler over Christmas, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made that didn't feature poutine. Turner was funny, friendly and helpful. It was real reassuring to meet someone with an even nerdier obsession with Love Actually than me. He made us feel welcome even though we weren't staying in the Core house, and made an effort to introduce us to the other campers, who were also great. From the first day, when Turner sent us away burgeoning under the weight of free stash, we knew the camp was going to be good value for money. I now have an entire outfit of highly exclusive Core merchandise (underwear and pants not included) which has made me the envy of all my peers. Excellent. The skiing conditions were divine and, although Core Camp probably shouldn't take credit for the weather, Richard, our coach, made sure that we really made the most of it. Our group was small, mighty and dynamic and we really challenged each other (physically and mentally). It is safe to say that we all learned a great deal. At the beginning of the camp I was an experienced, but not exactly textbook perfect skier, but through a series of on-piste drills which were then contextualised off-piste, Richard really helped me to develop and improve my style (further aided by my wavy Core Camp garms). I got to put my new skills to the test skiing some breath taking terrain in perfect powder. Skiing Flute on Christmas day was one of the most standout best moments of my life so far. I literally and figuratively had a smile frozen onto my little adrenaline flushed face. Core Camp kept the good times rolling off the slopes as well; there were some great evenings spent in Whistler's bars and Stella's Christmas dinner was completely off the chain. Thank you Stella, I'm still having gourmet flash-backs. Even if I tried really hard I wouldn't be able to fault the week. The Core crew were flawless, the snow was perfect and Whistler was exquisite. In the words of Karen, the sad mum from Love Actually, 'True love lasts a lifetime,' so Whistler, I'll be back."

Kitty and Bro - UK - 1 week camp (age 23)

“Amazing honeymoon with core camp! My husband and I did core camp for our honeymoon and we had an amazing time. Turner the camp director was awesome and made sure we had a great time both on and off the mountain. Our coach was patient, helpful, a lot of fun and took us to areas of the mountain we would have never experienced. We improved our snowboarding while having fun. We loved the house we stayed in and had a great time with the others. We would highly recommend it to anyone. We hope to do it again some day."

Nikki and Francis - Canada - 1 week camps (age 27)

“The best snowboarding experience of my life. Superb experience Great mountains Great organisation Great snow Great people If you want to improve as a snowboarder in the company of great people with amazing piste and off piste terrain this is the place for you. Camp is really well run, and my only complaint was I wanted to stay longer."

Tom - Ireland - 2 week camp (age 31)

“Loads of fun. Whistler is having an amazing season right now and Core Camps is a great way to experience it! The owner/camp director Turner makes sure things run smoothly, the instruction is great (with video analysis every week), there are fun social events, and you're sharing a house with an international crew of powder hounds! While I was there, there were Brazilian, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, American, Australian, German, Korean and Swiss folk! And of course, a Canadian (me). Like the title says, loads of fun!"

Daniel - Canada - 1 week camp (age 28)

“Best time of my life! I am from the most northern community in North America and I first went to Core Camps in 2012. Then went back again in 2015! It was the best experience of my life! I've really improved my riding. Coaches are fun and they know the best spots on the mountain."

Etuangat (Kyle) Akeeagok - Very Northern Canada - 2 week camp and 4 week camp (age 18)

“Best snowboard camp in the world. I´ve been with Core twice and I will be back for sure! The director of the camp will make sure that you have the best of whistler ,the coaches are really good snowboarders and you will be riding the best places."

Jeffrey - Brazil - Japan Camp and Whistler Camp x 2 (age 31)

“Best experience on the snow. I've been with Core twice now, in Whistler and Argentina and would do it again! If you like getting off the groomers, improving your skiing/boarding while trying new things and having a great time with awesome people while riding the best pow, this is the camp to do! My personal experiences with Turner and Marcos have been great. I'll be back!"

Johan - Colombia - Argentina and Whistler Camps (age 29)

“Core Camps Argentina. Wow is the best way I can think to start this review what a trip. The location for the accommodation was great mixture of local culture close to the shops and restaurants. Combing with local insider knowledge from Marcos with Turner running this camp the same way as whistler as combing the cross between the feeling of having fun with old friends and family while meeting and hanging out with new like minded friends. On the hill you a wanting to push yourself because you want to keep up some days making you the better skier or rider back up with the support of both highly talented / trained coaches. Don't wait just go this was my third trip and would go again in a heart beat."

Jesse and Mali - Australia - Argentina and Whistler Camps (age 30)

“Amazing week of POWDER!! It's was the second time I was doing Core camp and it was as good if not better then the first time (more powder :D). They have great ski coachs that are always able to help you to improve your skiing in any type of condition (even if you are already a good skier and you have skied all your life) and they bring you to some really nice place you wouldn't be able to go alone! The group is amazing and it's fun to stay in their rider house! Thanks for everything Turner and for the coaching Marcos!! It was really fun to ski all those places with you during an amazing week of powder!"

Zak - 1 x 2 week camps - Canada (age 18)

“Shred Gnar With Core! I came across Core Camps website on the internet a few years back when I was looking for a way to improve my freestyle snowboarding. I have since attended 3 separate week long camps and they NEVER disappoint. The camp's owner Turner, is a Whistler local and all around awesome dude! He knows all the secret lines and pow stashes in Whistler that only a local would know. Not only is he a great snowboarder, he is super organized and highly responsive when it comes to taking bookings and arranging accommodations. I literally don't think I have ever waited more than an hour or two for a response to an email inquiry. The best part of being in camp with Core is definitely the experience of spending a week riding with a group of like-minded people. Everyone is just there to focus on riding and having a good time. You meet some great people from all over, and snowboarding with the group pushes you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. You will be super stoked as you stomp that first cliff or cornice drop. Even when you head to the pub at night everyone is still amped and talking about the various tricks they worked on throughout the day. I have seen vast improvement in my riding due to my experience with Core. I can't recommend Turner and Core Camps highly enough. If you are on the fence, definitely sign up, you won't regret it. My only regret is that I don't have more than a week off to spend there each year!"

Raj - Canada - 3 times now (age 26)

“The best winter experience you can get! For anyone looking for a snowboard/ ski camp, Core is definitely the one to go! I have joined the camp twice for a longer period of time and it is basically the best time I've ever had. The coaches are all crazy shredders. Following them around the mountains, trying to keep up and do the same stuff they do, will improve your riding immensely. They will make it possible for you to do a lot of crazy stuff you would never be able to do on your own, and take you to places you would never find. Combine this with a group of like-minded people to hang out and party with, on and off the mountain, and you will have the best time of your life!"

Bas - Netherlands - 4 week and 8 week camp (age 21)

“Immerse yourself in whistler life! Such a good experience both on and off the mountain. Your riding improves dramatically with coaching each day and huge mountains to explore. This camp attracts great people and really gives you a sense living in whistler and experiencing everything this town has to offer! Will definitely head back."

Ryan - Australia - 3 week camp (age 22)

“Highly recommend. Core camps makes you feel at home. You will have an amazing time even if conditions are bad. They have knowledgeable instructors, a great atmosphere, and amazing customer service. I had an amazing 1 week trip and plan to go back again. If you are looking for a winter ski/snowboard camp, this is the one to pick."

Kaylam - Canada - 1 week camp (age 18)

“PERFECT. I have one word that describes Core Camps Whistler – Perfect. I would not change a second of my staying there. The couches, the mountain, the house, the office, the campers, the Village, everything was great. The couches gives you the confidence to push your limits and improve your hiding. If you love snowboarding that’s definitely the place to go."

Fernando - Brazil - 2 week camp (age 25)

“McShredder and Arnies. Had an epic time with the core team out in whistler! Will never forget my time there. And got some serious shredding done!! Well worth it if ur a keen and budding snowboarder or skier."

Ali - Scotland - 4 week camp (age 27)

“Fantastic. I had an awesome week in whistler with a fantastic group of lads and coaches. Improved heaps, onwards and upwards for core camps"

Adam - Australia - 1 week camp (age 31)

“Killin' it. I had the pleasure of riding with this group for a week in March. From the start, communications with Turner, the owner/founder, was friendly and inviting with fast response times. The accommodations were superb and living with a group of equally enthusiastic campers really added to the experience. Riding with the coaches was amazing. Their knowledge of the mountain, ability to gauge your skill level, and offer instruction to help you improve was very valuable. My riding confidence has greatly improved over the short week I spent there. If you want to improve your snowboarding and enjoy hanging out with awesome people, then this camp is for you. My only regret is not staying longer."

Derrick - USA - 1 week camp (age 25)

“Awesome Time. I spent four weeks at Core Camps in Whistler and I had such a great time. My snowboarding improved so much and I had fun on the slopes every day. Everybody is so positive and helpful there. The coaches try to push you to make new experiences and to improve your riding. They show you secret powder spots which are incredible. Worth to go there, great recommendation!"

Sylvia - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 20)

“An awesome experience I will never forget ! I first visited Core camps in the season of 2010/2011. The coaches know the mountains really well and they improved my riding by a lot! They showed me a new way of looking at the mountain and how to ride it having as much fun as possible. I came back again in the season of 2012/2013 for more pow and also got my instructor levels thanks to the help of the very helpful feedback by the director of Core camps. I definitely recommend this camp to anyone who likes to ski or snowboard."

Marjan - 12 week camp and 12 week camp - Netherlands (age 19)

“Whistler Blackcomb Spring 2015. Great place to improve and enjoy snowboarding, my kid had a great time, Turner and the staff were very professional and fun. Definitely we will send them again."

Santiago - Mexico - 2 week camp (age 16)

“A great way to get to know whistler blackcomb. I spent a week with the crew at core in whistler this season and it was a fantastic experience. The guides know the two mountains inside out and were super helpful in improving my riding in the short time I had. Special thanks to turner for his tireless efforts. I will definitely be back!"

Raj - Australia - 1 week camp (age 25)

“My British Columbian snowboarding dream became true!!! And I definitely want to taste this feeling again! Well, I still can't realize how this experience was so good, so magical, such a blessing! It's like I found myself there. There's no better place when you're passionate about snowboarding and trusty about riding your snowboard on freaking unbelievable snow! Yes man, we are talking about British Columbian snow, one the topest location in the world along with Alaska and Japan. Such a paradise! Everything is all good there. The spirit between the different riders, between the coaches, between the Core Camp staff was so great! The pedagogy is on point! The only thing you can do is improve your skills such the motivation is great between the riders and especially due to Core Camp professionalism. Honestly, you feel how those guys (Core Camp staff) have such an amazing experience, know-how, expertise, it's their craft that's it that's all! For example, most of the coaches are still, or are used to be pro-riders which is meaningful in term of knowledge. The housing is perfect, everything is made for your comfort, and the only thing you have to take care about and focus on is your riding progression! The whole Core Camp environment and facilities make you want to charge more on your snowboard! I've never felt such motivation to ride so far! That's why I'm saying it's a dream to be there. It's seem obvious that I want to return there. Moreover, you will meet many people who are there for their second or third time. After that experience some people even made the choice to come live here! It's clear that those two facts are meaningful and speak by themselves! If you're either a snowboard passionate or a beginner, it's definitely worth it! In both cases you will find the appropriate match. Don't hesitate and book your trip there!"

Amine - France - 2 week camp (age 25)

“PARADISE IN A WINTER WONDERLAND. When you look for a winter adventure camp you need to ask yourself 2 things : 1) are you ready to be put in the most majestic scenery with the knowledge and skill to conquer anything you set your sights on? 2) are you willing to be open minded and make potential lifelong friends and family? If you said yes to both of those you might as well get ready to book off the next 3 years of vacation time to go to core camps because once you go; it's an addiction only they can fix! There is a reason the return rate is so high; the staff are very educational, playful and have the best intentions when they help you achieve great things on the mountain. Management performance is always top notch. Housing is fabulous, it will become your family away from home for the time being there. It was my first snowboarding camp and I had to return 3 weeks later because I loved it so much. I will be returning again next winter season it's a guarantee. NOW Is the time to book your flights to paradise in a winter wonderland."

Alexandra - Canada - 1 week camp (age 23)

“Amazing experience. March 2015 was my second trip with Core Camps, and it was every bit as good as my first trip (December 2013). Amazing coaches (Oli, for this trip) who really push you out of your comfort zone and progress your riding and take you on adventures all over the mountains. Most campers are solo, the houses are clean and comfy. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I can't recommend them highly enough. I went back for seconds, I can think of no higher praise :) If you are considering Core Camps, just do it. You won't regret it."

Philip - Ireland - 2 x 2 week camps (age 32)

“Incredible This was my second time going on vacation by myself and I had simply the best of times! Everybody in Core Camps was constantly kind and friendly, and we had a great time together. My skiing improved a great deal as well and I also got my CSIA Level 1 during my stay. Everybody was awesome while riding or in the activities after, whether they be Video Analysis night or going out with your friends. Overall a super fun experience which I hope to someday be able to repeat, and maybe stay for a bit longer than a month this time if possible."

Condrado - Argentina - 4 week camp (age 18)

“Awesome! I was at Core for a month in 2015 and had such a great time. My snowboarding progressed even more than I had hoped for and made a heap of great friends along the way. If you want to progress your riding and have a great time riding with new friends then Core is the place for you. I'll definitely be back next season (hopefully for a longer stay)!!!"

Alex - Australia - 4 weeks and 7 weeks camps (age 27)

Hi Turner. By way of feedback, I probably don't need to say this as you already know, but Marcos was fabulous - I learnt so much from him, not just about skiing technique, but also about reading the mountain, how to find the best snow, and how to handle/approach different situations. And even though he would see it all the time, his genuine enthusiasm to be taking us out on fresh snow days was contagious. My impression was that he really wanted make sure you got the most out of the experience and had the best time possible, that it wasn't just a job for him. I look forward to seeing you on our next snow adventure.

Anna - Australia - 1 x 3 week camps (age 29)

Thanks to ye guys, had an amazing time. Chris and I had a chat one day, and Core and Whistler is so good it's made most other boarding experiences a disappointment. (Meant in the most positive of ways). Brilliant to board with you. It's mad thinking back on all the cool stuff we did in two weeks. I've just tried to explain a cornice to my Mum. She thinks its some sort of foot ailment. Anyway I am delighted with my progress, think I am a much improved boarder from when I first joined the camp. My only advice is keep up the good work, and hopefully I'll be back in Whistler again soon. Thanks again to everyone who makes the camp so special. Happy Christmas

Thomas - Ireland - 2 x 2 week camps (age 27)

Hey turner, thanks for having me, it was a blast! Everything and more than I expected! The weather was awesome, just a little bit cold but it was still unreal. Thanks again Turner and the core camps team!

Michael - Canada - 1 week camp (age 26)

Hey Turner, Thanks for everything! I had an incredible experience with Core Camps and I am definitely looking at coming back next season. The two weeks I spent in Whistler have made it very difficult to come home to university study and work.

Sophie - Australia - 2 week camp (age 23)

Turner, I just had to drop a line and let you know what a fantastic time Rod had. Clearly you have a great group of people there because he hasn't stopped telling us all about everyone! Thank you so much for truly giving him the experience of a lifetime, I'm pretty sure you have created a core camper or life! We are at Marmot right now and he couldn't wait to tell us and show us all he had learned. I can't thank you enough for everything you and your team taught him. Rod will definitely be back, he's already planning it!

Rod (message from his Mom, Kari) - Canada - 1 week camp (age 15)

We had a great time at Core camp! All of your planning for us was perfect. Your staff were all extremely pleasant and friendly. We enjoyed our ski days even with the crazy weather and made new friends. Thanks for the experience. You may see us again, hopefully we will meet. Thanks again!

Debbie and Brian - USA - 1 week camp (age 58)

I had awesome two weeks here in Whistler. It is a great idea to join the Camp

Karoline - Austria - 2 week camp (age 20)

Hi Turner I had, hands down, the best season of my life!!! Thank you soon much! Cheers,

Luca - Switzerland - 6 week camp (age 22)

"Hey Turner I had a stupidly amazing time! Remember when I said at the start of camp that my main objective was to improve my skiing, and everything else would be a bonus? I believe my skiing has improved considerably, but knowing everyone (especially you and Marcos) was definitely my best takeaway. You are one brilliant camp owner, I must say! I hope that we will keep in touch. I most certainly will. I cannot remember the last time I feel the same way after a holiday!"

Jeff - UK - 3 week camp (age 33)

"Hi Turner Best decision of my life coming to Core! It’s a real struggle settling back down into Sydney life now though; all I can think about is coming back to Whistler. I’m very keen to do core camps again next season and at this stage it looks like I’ll come back in December and will stay for longer this time (maybe 5 weeks or so). Thanks again for such an awesome experience!"

Alexandra - Australia - 2 times at camp (age 26)

The Camp was ridiculous value for money and will definitely be back for a longer stretch next season. [he did, for 3 weeks] Big thanks to Turner, Marcos and the rest of team. The Core Camp experience was definitely the highlight of our Canadian adventure. Stayed with Core Camps for a week in early January 2017. The camp was absolutely fantastic. Turner and his team go out of their way to ensure you have the best time and push you to improve in a challenging but fun environment. Turner goes out of his way to make sure your time is hassle free. He offers invaluable advice not only about the mountain but also getting around Canada in general (from where to stay, other mountains to ski, the best bars in Whistler). Core definitely goes out of their way to help you out no matter the problem. As a slightly older skier (30 yr old) I was hesitant that I was a little old for the camp crowd, especially as we stayed in the rider house. However, this was not a problem at all. All the campers were great, and the ages were very mixed. We had a great crew from all over the world and the accommodation is ridiculously close to the mountain for the price. His team of instructors are the best I have come across. Marco (my camp instructor) was a wealth of knowledge not only on technique to improve but also showing us the best part of the mountain, from the hidden tree stashes to drops to the best spots on powder days. The skiing was hard and fast, pushed me out of my comfort zone without being suicidal. Marco's enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge of the mountain second to none. I can safely say I learnt more in my week with Core Camps than I have since being a beginner ski (which was a long time ago).

Jonathan - Australia - 1 week camp, then 3 week camp (age 30)

There is nothing else in the world that makes me so happy, than these moments when ride the first line into the fresh, light powder while the sun is shining right into your heart and some nice tunes are whispering in your ears. Awesome people, awesome spirit, awesome daylong days in the snow and an incredible life experience! Whistler changed me /Whistler made me realize!

Fabienne - Switzerland - 6 week camp (age 21)

Hey Turner, I just wanted to thank you again for this wonderful time at your camp. I learned such a lot of new things and met so many nice friends. I really miss this big family here back home. Liebi Grüessli from Switzerland!

Lea - Switzerland - 2 week camp (age 25)

Well I´m back to normal life again and are already missing life in Whistler… Thank you for a great camp and see you next season!

Caroline - Norway - 12 week camp (age 27)

Hey Turner, Thank you so much for everything! I really did have the time of my life ‘living the Whistler dream’ and being welcomed into a new core family :) I’m already looking back on photos and missing all the amazing times I had. Hope you enjoy the rest of the spring fun, I’ll be in touch along the way! King regards,

Teia - Australia - 16 week camp (age 20)

Hi Turner, Thank you again for everything. I really enjoy the camp a lot, I’ve learned much more than what I had expected and I had a great time at the house. Thank you also a lot for your time. I'd really love to be back! I didn't want to leave and I miss the camp a lot. But I really hope to be there next season. Thanks a lot for everything again. Sincerely,

Ana - Mexico - 2 week camp (age 17)

Aye weel min, Im nae bad. Yoursel? I had an amazing four weeks. So glad I extended my stay. I’m already thinking about next year. I have definitely caught the powder bug. I’m going to try and convince some friends to join me next year too. Great to see your still learning to speak Doric. Take care,

Greg - UK - 4 week camp (age 21)

Hello Turner, That's it, I am on the bus leaving Whistler. I wanted to thank you again for the amazing time I spent with you and your staff at Core Camps. The snow was fantastic and the advices given useful. I will try to come back next season, probably in order to attempt a new trick (frontside 540). All the best

Mehdi - UK - 1 week camp (age 24)

Hey Turner, I had a fantastic time at Whistler and with everyone at Core camps. You've done a real excellent job of setting up a camp that is run so well and with awesome people. Look forward to planning another trip to Whistler and a session or two with Core when I'm there. Cheers,

Zhen - Australia - 3 week camp (age 26)

Hi Turner, Kyle arrived home late last night and the first thing he did upon wakening was show us the videos and pictures. He had a great time and plans to do it again. Kyle spoke very highly of you, his home stay and Core Camps. Thank you for taking such good care of him and making all of this so easy. You have a wonderful program!

Kyle - Canada - 1 week x 2 (age 16)

Hi Turner, I know I speak for the both of us when I say that our trip to Canada was the best board experience we've had so far! We did things we were not used to do back in Europe, and opened our eyes and brings new possibilities. The tree runs and the fresh powder was so much fun. I'm looking back the pictures and movies with a really big smile on my face. It was really awesome and exhausting as well riding with El David, Melancon and you.

Wil - Holland - 2 week camp (age 28)

Hey Turner! Thanks again for the awesome 2 weeks! They are 2 weeks I will never forget, that’s for sure !

Andrew - Canada - 2 week camp (age 19)

Phoo's yer doo's min? Aye pecking one hopes. It’s been a proper tease seeing all you guys on facebook shredding it every day. I truly loved every minute I spent at Core Camps. It was above and beyond what I hoped for, don't know how to put it into words . Anyway words are cheap - you spent time with me you know what it meant to me. I respect you all and think the holiday you provide for the cost is to be admired. My warmest regards to you and your staff. You are all in my thoughts often and I look forward to next year. May your lumb aye rick ( may your chimney always smoke)

Chris - Scotland - (2 times) 2 weeks / 4 weeks (age 37)

Hey Turner, Thanks for the photos mate! They're awesome! Make sure you thank Ludo again for us! Cheers for taking us for the shortened week considering the circumstances... Loads of fun! Really felt the boarding picking up by the time we had to leave. Keep enjoying the snow mate.

Matt - Australia - 1 week camp (age 21)

Yes it's true - you guys created a monster (something similar to a yeti)! So again, thanks for the amazing experience - it was truly unforgettable and we'll be doing our best to make it back next year. Keep doing what you're doing - it IS appreciated! All the best,

Kate - UK - 4 week camp (age 26)

Hi Turner, It was a pleasure to join you for two weeks and jump day was possibly the best day I have ever had! It is depressing to be home, but I had such a great time that I really cannot complain – the trip far exceeded my expectations and dare I say, I will certainly be joining you next year. Have a great season! Cheers

Mark - UK - 2 week camp (age 27)

Thanks Buddy. It was the best time of my life. So much fun every day. I'm coming back for sure this summer and again in the wintertime. If I could I would never leave but that’s not the case. But then there is always next year and the year after that… And thank you for having such a cool camp. Got so many new fantastic friends and skills. Looking out of the window every day at the snow and want to go snowboarding peak to creek. Say hello to everybody that I still know in camp and have a blast everyday even without me. "meh"

Morten - Denmark - 12 week camp (age 25)

Hey Turner: thank you for putting together this awesome camp. truly I can say, I had the best snowboarding experience ever. Great group of coaches and fellow campers. I made lots of good friends that I hope will become lifelong friends. never had a dull moment. I think everybody will agree that the only bad thing is having to leave camp. I’ve definitely seen improvements in my riding so thank you very much for that. I got over some of my fear of heights, built confidence on jumps and spins, and I still can't believe I was able to do some park riding. attending your camp was the key I’ve accomplished more in the 3 weeks I spent at camp than in the 5 years I’ve been riding.

Vic - Canada - 3 times at camp, then moved here (age 35)

Hey Turner! I've arrived at home safe and sound! I sleep during the day and am awake during the night! Just wanted to say thank you for everything. I couldn't ask for anything more! You really do know how to run a camp! Can you please thank Mélançon and El David for their tuition and crazy guiding skills!

Gal - UK / Israel - 8 week camp (age 18)

Hi Turner, Thanks for a great two weeks. There was a great atmosphere with Core camps and it was a pleasure to spend two weeks with you guys, I had a great time and hopefully will be back again at some stage in the future. Enjoy the rest of the season. Cheers,

David - UK - 2 week camp (age 32)

Hey Turner, Hanging out here in NYC, feeling slightly bored and wanting to be back in whistler! I've been sitting in front of the computer weeping silently over the snowfall from the past week or so. Thanks for having me at Core this season. I still had an awesome time and I really felt like I ironed out some technique issues and can't wait to get back to riding when winter hits in Australia. Hope to catch you and the coaches again next season

Chris - Australia - (2 times) 1 week / 3 weeks (age 33)

Dear Turner, Raj came home safe and sound and obviously had a ball of a time and spoke very highly of you. Thank you for all your assistance communication and organization. Much appreciated and have great rest of the year. Warm wishes

Raj - Australia - 7 week camp (age 22)

Hey Turner, I wanted to thank you so very much for a for letting me come hang with CORE again... what an incredible two weeks!!. You've always made me feel so welcome amongst some truly amazing and gifted riders... I am grateful for that. Bounce was a blast... I'm glad I had a bit more energy in the evenings to join everyone this year. I met some really great people this trip...It really makes a difference when you can share your love of riding with some truly awesome individuals. That is one of the reasons why I love coming back to CORE camp. Thank you again Turner... once again CORE camp was one sweet holiday!! P.S. The bonfire grad was really special... thank you for that too!

Lynn - Canada - 3rd time at camp (age 39)

Hey Turner, Thanks to you and your crew ! I really had an awesome week and I really enjoyed riding with David Melançon. It feel so bad to now being seated in a desk  But I can now continue to improve so when I’ll be back it’s going to be easier to take advantage of every line and jump and pipe!! Thanks again! Xx

Marie - Canada - 1 week camp (age 27)

Hi Turner, I hope you're reading this in my English accent...I had such an awesome time - still feel like Whistler is home and I'm now somewhere in a boring country stuck in a desk job that should be someone else's life! Good luck for the rest of the season. I'm keeping an eye on my Whistler buddies via Facebook, so I'm there in spirit if not in body. Think I'll always be there in spirit. Ride Safe,

Jon - UK - 4th time at camp (age 35)

Hi Turner, Just wanted to thank you a lot for such a wonderful week up in Whistler. I wish I had more time to stay longer. I will be going back to Whistler in 2 weeks with some friends. I am seriously thinking of attending next year and hopefully can bring my girlfriend. You have a great camp going... Keep it up! Thanks for an amazing week. I hope to be there next year!

Mike - USA - 1 week camp (age 34)

For my wonderful core camps- family, Thank you so much for this wicked and spectacular week . Lucky me - I had a perfect week of sun and powder snow, also I had a pretty cool group, which I super enjoyed. A big thank you to my brilliant coach David and of course for other coaches as well! I‘ll take lots of good tips with me and I enjoyed riding with you guys. I had a jump day, and this was super awesome - Hiking up to a beautiful place with a breathtaking view , built up some wicked kickers, have some music in the background, sunshine and be surrounded by good people! I was over the moon! A big thank you to all of you !

Valerie - Switzerland - 2012 camp winner (age 20)

Dear Turner, I want to thank you for the amazing time I had at your snowboard camp Whistler! Especially to introducing me to the flute bowl.

Jeffery and Filipe - Brazil - 3 week camp x 2 (age 25)

Hey Turner, Thanks for the week, was awesome. Really enjoyed the experience and the powder. Will be up for another week at some stage. All the best to you and the campers. Regards,

Raj - UK - 1 week camp (age 32)

Thank you Turner!! I had a great time and I think it's one of my top 3 vacations all time. I'm definitely coming back. I truly enjoyed the experience and it definitely rates as a top 5 experience in life for me.

Duane - USA - 1 week camp (age 29)

Best day riding this season - big cornice drops, sweet powder lines, all finished off with a run through the park. Good, good times. Thanks to Turner and all the people I rode with today.

Jon - UK - written on FB during his first week back at camp (age 35)

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepic!!!!! Thanks Dave so much!!! BEST TREERUNS IN MY LIFE!!! hope there will be a looot more!!

Fabienne - Switzerland - after her first day of camp! (age 21)

Thanks for an incredible two weeks at Core, it was the most fun I have had whilst snowboarding and wish I could have managed to stay those few extra days. I will definitely be back next season, I am not sure yet whether it will be for the whole season or just 12 weeks at Core, but I really hope nothing prevents me from coming back. Thanks for you offer to help. I hope the rest of the season is filled with lots of snow. All the best.

Oskar - South Africa - 3 week camp (age 28)

Hi Turner, Thank you for giving us an opportunity to experience Whistler again. Danny did have a great time! All the best this season and hopefully see you next year.

Danny - Canada - 3rd time at camp (age 17)

Hi Turner, I just wanted to send you a quick email to express our thanks. Luke has had the experience of a lifetime. Given the opportunity I will certainly recommend your camp, he’s had a blast. Debbie has been great also. I will have no hesitation in sending Luke back again. Many thanks! Thanks again, keep well, all the best.

Luke - South Africa - 2 week camp (age 15)

I truly want to say that I have had the most fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of it. I accept that I will never be the snowboarder that I truly wish I could be, but you and your team have done their utmost to bring out the best me in. For this I will be eternally grateful. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you, again. If there is ever anything I can do for you in the future please do not hesitate to ask. All the best for the New Year and the Season to come. Regards,

Kee Ling - Australia - 2 week camp (age 27)

"Turner, Ty had a great time and seemed to enjoy all the riding and jumping! I know he’s a shy kid and the guys were a little older than him but I know he enjoyed it regardless. I sincerely hope we can do this again soon. Thanks for taking care of my boy!"

Ty - USA - 1 week camp (age 15)

"It was the best week of snowboarding of my life and I’ll be back next season for my 6th time with Core!"

JF - Belgium - (5 times) 1 week every winter!! (age 38)

“Hey there Turner, thanks again for all your help and effort into making the Core camp so great. I really did have a great time and feel really happy of where my riding is now…. I've got so many good memories of my time in Canada, and really look forward to some more! Well, till next time me friend!”

Grant - Australia - 4 week camp (age 27)

"Thanks again for being so great this week - it was definitely a great and memorable experience. Dropping cliffs was hands down the coolest (and scariest!!) thing I've done in 40 years!"

Lorna - USA - 1 week camp (age 40)

"Hey Turner, I really had the best winter in my life with Core Camp! I dreamed for so long for snowboarding in Whistler and my dream came true... and it was really perfect! I miss tree runs, powder, cider, pillows and all the people I met there!!!!"

Fabienne - Switzerland - 5 week camp (age 24)

"Hey Turner. Man, just want to say thanks again for the best time I’ve ever had!!! You definitely have a good thing going with Core Camps. I was nervous before I got there because I wasn’t sure how it was going to be but you and all the others made me feel so welcome and part of a big family! I did things I never thought I would never try and its all thanks to you guys. I made some life time friends with everyone and I will definitely be back in whistler, it’s the VIBE. Good times man, keep in touch."

Tyler - Australia - 4 week camp (age 18)

"How's it going geeza? Missing camp, the clifftop-crew and your witty banter. I had the best bloody two weeks snowboarding of my life here and recommend to anyone and everyone. All the staff has a proper well good vibe and buzz about them every day. My snowboarding has been pushed to another level and have seen and done things I used to dream of doing. I am probably only going to be able to return to whistler through core camp which isn't a bad thing I suppose. Thanks 4 a right good time, sorted! See you again FOR SURE!!!"

Adam - UK - 2 week camp (age 22)

"It really was a special time, the pow, the adventures, the people, the laughs, the atmosphere..... it really provided pure escapism from life here in London, and renewed and strengthened my love for snowboarding! It’s almost a given I will be back! I had a proper bostin time, kidda!!”

James - Uk - 1 week camp (age 29)

"Hey Turner, those two weeks have brought snowboarding to life for me. Such variety over the time that built to the last few days being what I can only describe as the best I've ever had on the mountain. I found the coaching really encouraged progression while allowing us to enjoy the endless deep powder... one day I'll process all the brilliant advice imparted!"

Brian - Ireland - 2 week camp (age 31)

“Ok, so I wanted to thank you again for this great week, I also wanted to congratulate and encourage you and Steve on your great work to make people love and live their passion, or passion to be. I really had a marvelous time.... keep up the good job, we definitely need people like you to make our sport be loved by many other people!”

Jean Francois - Belgium - (age 32)

"Hi Turner, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know how much I truly enjoyed CORE camp! I had an awesome time...thank you for kicking my butt, reminding me again why I love to snowboard, and for putting the biggest smile on my face. I have a new sense of composure for how see the terrain, find my line, approach a jump/box/rail, and above all, how I now feel about snowboarding. Thank you again Turner... CORE camp made for one great holiday... and birthday too!"

Lynn - Canada - (3 times) 1 week / 2 weeks / 2 weeks (age 38)

"Turner, thanks again for the great week, CORE is top notch, and I will spread the word. I enjoyed shredding the POW with you guys."

Scott - USA - (4 times) 1 week / 4 weeks / 2 weeks / 1 week (age 38)

"I'd love to say that I haven't had any powder withdrawal, but I have BIG TIME! It was a pleasure to be with you and the group for the 2 weeks I was there I really, really enjoyed it! Cheers again pal."

James - UK - 2 week camp (age 29)

"Yeah mon, Core Snowboard Camp was IRIE, it was better than acky and salt fish, better than curry goat. Me-a tell you it like family you know, mon"

Alison - Jamaica - 10 week camp (now lives here) (age 24)

"Hey Turner, can't begin to describe how much fun I had with the crew over there. I really I enjoyed the opportunity to ride with you guys and meet the people that I did. You run an awesome show over there and it shows in the coaching staff and accommodation through to the terrain you ride. I haven't stopped talking about my two weeks with you guys since I arrived home. I've got no hesitation in recommending Core to anyone I speak to who may be heading to Canada. Enjoy the rest of the season mate. Looking forward to seeing the end of season video! Keep the photos coming on the facebook page too. Cheers."

Dean - Australia - 2 week camp (age 24)

"Thanks again for everything. If it’s ok with you, my friend will pass by between Thursday and Saturday to pick up the bikini I had forgotten at the rider house"

Elle - Canada - (2 times) 1 week / 1 week (age 28)

"I had the best winter there… I loved being in the Camp… it was really nice to meet you and everybody from the Camp, you guys have a great vibe and I sincerely wish well for all of you. You keep the good work: if I was able to jump, you can do miracles! =) Kisses from the summer days in Brazil to all of you!"

Amandha - Brazil - 1 week camp (age 27)

"Well - Matt returned late last night and talked non-stop for a long time!!! He could not say enough about how amazing 'the Core Camp' was. In fact, one of the first things he said was, "I am going back for at least two weeks next year!!!" I want to thank you, and everyone else, who made it such a fabulous vacation for him. You have no idea how thrilled (but not entirely surprised) I was to hear how great everything was. Thanks again Turner."

Matt - Canada - 1 week camp (age 15)

"Thanks a lot for having me! I really had an amazing time in Whistler. We just don't get to snowboard powder like that in Europe. It was so much fun and I definitely can recommend the camp to anyone. I hope to be back in Whistler soon. Thank you very much."

Evert - Holland - 3 week camp (age 18)

"Thank you so much for everything. We both had the most fantastic time at your Core camps. We love the photos you have attached. We will never forget our time at Core camps and will definitely keep in touch. We would both really like to return if we can!!!"

Renee & Catherine - NZ - 2 week camp (age 23)

"It was an absolute pleasure and as I said to you on Friday, I think you’ve got a really good outfit running there. To be honest I’ve always loved coming to Canada because of the genuine welcome you tend to get and great service, and you certainly didn’t disappoint on either of those."

Pete - UK - 1 week camp (age 42)

"Hey Turner, just wanted to say I had an awesome time at camp, it always kinda tough leaving nice and toasty Colombia to go to freezing cold but well, you guys make it worth it every time. I’ll definitely be back sooner or later. Hope u enjoy the rest of the season there man, thanks for everything! Cheers."

Juan - Colombia - (3 times) 4 weeks / 3 weeks / 3 weeks (age 18)

"I had a great time at your camp, and hope I'll be able to get back (and then stay longer) one time in the future."

Lene - Norway - (3 times) 1 week, 3 weeks and 4 weeks (age 25)

Hi Turner, Thank you for a great week (in fact, a great 10 days and making me feel welcome after I officially finished the camp). I had a lot of fun and I will definitely recommend you to friends. Cheers!

John - UK - (2 times) 1 week / 2 weeks (age 37)

"Hi Turner, I have to thank you guys for showing me the mountain so well. Your camp was the best option for me because I wanted so see as much as possible of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. And my goals were more than achieved!"

Chris - Switzerland - 10 week camp (age 20)

"Both Meaghan and Douglas had a terrific week with Core Camp… we are very impressed with the program and have been talking it up with our friends this week. You guys work really hard during the week, and the additional activities are excellent."

Meaghan & Douglas - Canada - 1 week (age 15)

"What I can I say this camp rocks, I thought I was an alright boarder when I started the camp, how wrong I was, but after five weeks with Turner and his crew I was better than alright, I was hitting big jumps, landing 360’s and riding switch, such a great variety. If anyone wants to improve this is a must, plus the free bonus is that you get to meet and make lots of new friends and party your butt off, it’s like a family away from home, which is always a plus when you’re travelling solo. Turner my new friend, keep up the good work."

Andrew - Australia - 5 week camp (age 28)

"The pleasure was all mine for the 2 weeks at Core. I really enjoyed the days boarding and the evenings socializing. The coaches were good and I've definitely improved…I'm pleased to say my boarding has come on a lot as a result of Core Camp! Take care"

Mark - UK - 2 week camp (age 32)

"Hey Turner, thank you for having such an awesome camp, I had a blast! I can't believe how much I've learned with you guys, from snowboarding to building jumps to partying to cooking & cleaning, haha. Yeah, I could keep writing about how much fun I had… Cheers."

Lucas - Netherlands - 12 week camp (age 19)

"Thanks for an awesome month Turner. I absolutely learned so much from everyone at camp. I really appreciated the constant technique tips. Now I love riding powder and I got to the stage of wanting to ride challenging tree runs! See you next season!"

Karen - NZ - (2 times) 4 weeks / 5 weeks (age 25)

"Core Camp was great, wish I could have done another week! Andy and I both had an awesome time thanks to all you guys!"

Joel - Australia - Core Camp winner 2011 (age 22)

"Hi, Turner, Carol & Morley, the staff, Core crew, Dane and the lovely blue eyed blond Canadian babes. Thanks so much for all! I really enjoyed Core Camp for that week and so appreciated all you guys organized. The Core Camp really helped me improve - I notice it here on my home runs. Keep in touch Turner and I know I’ll be back to Core Camp."

Tony “shark man” - Australia - 1 week camp (age 49)

"Thanks to you for the good times I had in whistler...I'm still making everybody soooo jealous here telling about the powder I had in the beginning of the season!!!.... I miss the powder runs and jumps! Hugs from Switzerland"

Isabel - Switzerland - 2 week camp (age 24)

"Hi Turner, It's me who has to thank you! I had a really great time in Whistler with every one of Core Camps. Continue to make people love snowboard as you did now! Thank you very much!"

Cléa - Switzerland - 3 week camp (age 23)

"Thanks for a great week, it was a lot of fun, fellow core campers were a great bunch, coaches were fun and I learned a sufficient amount in the short time I had. I'm sure I will return in order to keep progressing and hope to introduce a friend next time!"

Alex - UK - 1 week camp (age 31)

“I’m so happy that I got the chance to come to Whistler and your camp and this in one of the craziest seasons all time :)”

Kai - Germany - 1 week camp (age 21)

"I loved the camp and the coaches.. And I can’t wait to get back to Whistler again!"

Bendik - Norway - 7 week camp (age 24)

Learnt at Core: "finally stomped 360s, half-cabs, general switch riding, more confidence on rails and boxes and some decent-sized airs" Best experiences: "landing those evasive 360s and tearing up some untouched powder." "I've been riding for about 10 years, but as I only get a week or two a year it's hard to progress (forget about trying any of the mountains in the UK). Although I only spent a week at Core, the attentiveness and tuition of the coaches helped me improve a lot in just five days. I can't rate the coaches highly enough. You get to board and ski with the best… To really get the most out of Core you need longer, which I'll be doing next year. The social side of Core is a big part of the fun too. Great people and good times. See you in 2012"

Ben - UK - 1 week camp (age 35)

"I came to Core Camps in the beginning of December to spend 3 months of snowboarding in Whistler. I had some experience in snowboarding and I knew about the most aspects of it but when we started riding, Core Camps opened another world for me. I really thought I knew what powder meant but I clearly didn't. I also never thought I would be jumping off cliffs and trying to find new zones through trees. I came into it with a different goal but that goal changed through the season and I'm happy it did. I feel more comfortable pushing my limits and I'm stoked to be at the level where I am now. Thanks to all the coaches who made this possible!" Marijn's season video - http://vimeo.com/23081466

Marijn - Holland - 12 week camp (age 19)

"Hiya Turner, Wanted to thank you for the wicked time I had I whistler. Core really was awesome fun...not only the regular riding days but the backcountry and BBQ as well...I really had some great experiences I’ll never forget and I feel pretty lucky to have had. Liked how you were always looking to keep things exciting for us and I can tell you many other campers commented on how YOU give Core something other courses don't seem to have (proven to me with my friend's experience). The technical instruction was great also...something for me to keep working on! Guides Javier & Dave were wonderful, showed us some wicked lines, got a great feel for Whistler mountain. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Core to anyone and hoping to return next year...it was too much fun!! Thanks for everything!"

Carolyn - Australia - 4 week camp (age 34)

"I wanted to say thanks again for the camp, honestly best time of my life. I never thought I could gain so much confidence in my riding in one week. I definitely learned a lot from camp! Enjoy the rest of the season & take care."

Emma - Australia - 1 week camp (age 20)

"Thanks, it was well worth it. Everything I expected and more. I learnt a lot at camp, my riding has definitely improved and it was great to finally ride powder. I've shown people the video footage and most of them don't believe it’s me at first, even the box! In fact I'm now seriously considering doing a season. Cheers."

Andy - UK - (2 times) 1 week / 2 weeks (age 32)

“Back to reality and have to say last week was tough settling back. What can I say, the camp is unique in that everything is covered and the attention to detail is superb.I have done plenty of tours all over the world and this one tops it probably because the buzz of snowboarding is so good. Certainly next year I would like to continue to progress particularly jumping…keep up the good work. Your friend,”

Desmond - Ireland - (2 times) 2 weeks / 3 weeks (age 28)

“Thanks for your lovely message. I had another awesome time at Core - wow, what a week of powder. It couldn't have been more perfect and it was great to see everyone again. Whistler is starting to feel like a real home from home :) Oh everyone back here is loving my method photos - not that they have much choice in the matter...ha ha ! Speak soon!!”

Yvonne - UK - 1 week camp x 2 (age 32)

“Yeah thanks, I had an outstanding time so thanks again!!!And it was really good to see you and Steve again. The snow was great and the riding just awesome!!! Take care.”

Thiemo - Germany - (2 times) 2 weeks / 4 weeks (age 24)

“Thanks, I had a brilliant couple of weeks… I definitely feel like my snowboarding has improved dramatically thanks to you and the team and I can push myself a bit harder next time I go away (whenever that is!)…Likewise, it was good to get to know you and your team and I would have no hesitation in recommending you guys to my friends. Thanks again for an awesome experience!”

Tom - UK - 2 week camp (age 29)

“I had an absolute blast even though it was tough, it was fun and I feel I have improved. The people were great, Whistler was great, and all of your coaches were awesome. I met a lot of great people. Thanks for having me at the camp and I hope to be back in the near future.”

Randy - Canada - 1 week camp (age 18)

“I love Canada, I love British Columbia, I love Whistler, I love Core Camps ♥”

Hubert - Czech Republic - 4 week camp (age 25)

“I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome trip. I really did have such a good time and did things (like the flute bowl) that I never thought I would do. Hopefully I can get some time off work next season and do it all again :D Take care and have fun for the reason of the season. Cheers”

Samantha - Australia - 1 week camp (age 24)

“Thanks for your welcoming , I had a great time in Whistler for my first Canadian trip.Already missing it, was not easy to get back in France after such a cool experience.I wish you guys all the best for the future and really hope to meet you there or somewhere else. Thanks again for everything. Take care.”

Frederic - France - 2 week camp (age 32)

“I wanted to let you and Dane now that my boarding felt so good. I really noticed the difference. I felt so much smoother and fluid. I remember how I struggled to get down some of the very steep runs to chairs that they have in Europe. This time round I just carved down them so well. I felt nice and low in my stance and really balanced. The friend I was meeting there commented on it after our 1st run. He couldn't believe the change since the last time we rode together. He thought it was a different person, so thank you for that. Thanks again for a great week. Chances are I'll be back that your way again soon.”

Dan - Australia - (3 times) 1 week / 2 weeks / 2 weeks (age 34)

“I’m ready for next year’s trip. I can’t wait to get back out there. I’ve been spreading the word around to all my friends who ride/ski to get ready for the best trip of their lives.”

Joe - UK - 2 week camp contest winner 2011 (age )

“I had such an awesome time and your coaches are awesome and very patient!!! I can now confidently say that I am a boarder! Thanks for everything, it was well organized and stress free and I felt like I had a holiday. I think I have post Olympic / snowboard envy... I miss the snow! Cheers”

Juanita - Australia - 1 week camp (age 32)

“Hi guys, I’d like to thank David, Dane and Turner for a fantastic two weeks! Had the best riding and coaching in years! Keep your good work up and you’ll be seeing me next year!!!!”

Basiel - Belgium - 2 week camp (age 30)

“Now I'm finally back in civilization I just want to thank you for the camp…it was great fun and next time I return to Whistler in the winter I'll definitely be doing it again. Good times.”

Courtney - Australia - 1 week camp (age 27)

“Alison and I both had a fantastic time in our 10 week camps, learnt loads and got to ride with some awesome people. Thank you very much for everything you have done for us this season, without your help none of it would have been possible. Keep in touch.”

Morgan and Ali - UK - 10 week camp x 2 (age 21)

“ It's Ed here from the camp in Feb… I thought I'd get in touch and say thanks - Jon and I had a great time with Core and it really opened my eyes to what's possible and how much fun it can be. I've spent a lot of time since then thinking about how I'd go bigger, faster, and have even more fun on my next trip. Thanks again”

Edward - UK - 1 week camp (age 23)

“Hey Turner, just wanted to say what a wicked awesome time I had at Core Camps! Also I wanted to say thank you not only for the opportunity to ride along side yourself, Clot and Dane (whom showed impeccable riding knowledge) but equally to the hardcore riders in the crew whom by pushing themselves every day to the max gave me belief and confidence in my own riding abilities. Now I just wanna kick ass all the time on my snowboard and take those cornice drops with 0 fear, and enter the terrain park with growing confidence. Lots of laughs, great memories... it was by far one of the best snowboarding experiences I have had, and I look forward to coming back for another ripping season and slaying some of that famous Whistler pow and pillows with the crew again soon!!!! Take care, bro.”

Dan - NSW, Australia - 1 week camp (age 34)

“Best snowboarding trip of my life by far. We both had a great time. Your pros Clot and Etienne are top notch, they pushed to do things we would not normally do and gave us many valuable pointers. They’re both sick riders and good people as well. The house was perfect, good kitchen, nice open living room and being around other riders from different parts of the world added to the experience. Me and Danny took a trip to Vermont this weekend and while the snow is good, it’s a little bitter sweet when we just rode the terrain at Whistler. Thanks again Turner, we hope to be back next year. ”

Rafael and Danny - USA - 1 week camp (age 23)

“I had a fantastic time in Whistler, I definitely want to come back. Thanks for your help and advice over the 3 weeks. When I got back home, the really hard black runs seemed so much easier than I remember, which means I must have improved more than I realized while I was in Whistler. The Camp was great, even for an old man like me. I particularly enjoyed doing the 2 jumps days, because I never had the powder to go off anything that big before. Thanks.”

Paul - London, UK - 3 week camp (age 31)

“ It's been a while I know, but thought I'd get round to saying thanks to yourself as well for an awesome week. I had a great time riding with the crew and definitely came on, even if climbing stairs was an issue by the end of the week! Absolutely loved the kicker, kinda wishing I'd hit the bigger one too now.... Hope the snow's still coming down over there...Cheers again for a great week”

Ric - UK - 2 week camp (age 22)

“Just dropping a note to say a huge thank you for such a great few weeks at Core. I arrived hoping to improve my switch riding and maybe try a few small jumps and I left having done backcountry kickers, cornice jumps, the half-pipe and indy grabs, boxes etc in the park! I would never have had the confidence to do it without you guys so thanks for pushing me :) Great instructors, brilliant set up and plans are afoot for next year. Word is spreading around London so watch out! Take care.”

Yvonne - UK - (2 times) 2 weeks / 1 week (age 31)

“ Everything went great... I had such a good time, I am so hooked :) I actually just got back from Vermont on a trip and lemme tell you, it is NOTHING like Whistler...I think starting at Whistler really spoils you because nothing else can compare...I am scarred for life now, ha ha. Thanks for everything!!”

Krisana - USA - (age 26)

“Hello Core Camp! Thanks for the great time I had in Whistler! With your camp I had the chance to ride many terrain on the mountain, from park to fresh powder and crazy "secret" trees run! And of course to meet cool people from different countries and enjoy the ride with them! These weeks were full of good laugh and sick ride!!! Thanks to Turner, Clot, Etienne and Dane! See you!”

Michel - Switzerland - (age 23)

"Thanks for a great week riding in Whistler. The coaching you provided together with the video analysis was just right. Despite the short time I was with you, I feel I was taken out of my comfort zone that I'd been riding in for far too long. It ultimately got me doing the backside 360 I'd thought was unachievable at the beginning of the week as well as nailing numerous other tricks and finding the places on the mountain that I'd normally not know about. Riding with the three amigo's and Hiro in such a small group was more than entertaining and their ability meant that I was pushed all the way from start to finish of the camp. Fingers crossed you'll see me back in the future."

Chris - UK - (age 25)

"I'm back to work again, back to life, back to reality (remember the song?) I really hate to return from holidays, even more when I'm coming back from a place like Whistler and after meeting people like you, Vince, Steve and all the friends I've made at Core Camps. The whole week I've spent at the camp has been amazing since the beginning; from the fresh powder and cliffs of the first days to the flat tricks, the spins and 'old school' grabs at the park and, of course, don't forget the beers and the nachos. As I told you days ago, I've never jumped so much in my 17 years as a snowboarder (I wish I have started earlier) and I’ve never seen so much snow in my entire life, AWESOME!!. And now you have given me the keys to improve my jumping and tricks technique so I hope to see you next year and show you my new 'snowboarding style' and step to the next level. I'm also cleaning the dust of my old Disco records to win more points for the weekly music contest.Thanks again for everything!!!!!!!!! "

David - Spain - (age 35)

"This is just a short note to thank you and your team so much for teaching Joe.He had a brilliant week and learned so much. My husband and I were very impressed by your organization and its professional approach. We will not hesitate to recommend you to others. "

Denise and Jon Whyte - UK - (age 16)

"I just got home a couple hours ago and I wanted to thank you for such an incredible experience! I had such a great time and I learned so much. I can't believe how much I miss it already and I have only been home for a little bit!!! There were so many great people and everyone was so kind. I never imagined how much I could learn in only a week. I now have so much more confidence on the mountain thanks to you, Vince, and the other students. This is not goodbye...it's see you later because Kristin and I will be back this season! Now that we've had this great of an experience, you will not be able to keep us away! Thanks so much. "

Ashley - California - (age 17)

I just wanted to thank you for a great two weeks. Overall I had an awesome experience and I'm missing it out there already. Riding with you guys definitely built up my confidence and I now have tons of stuff to work on this season. I've also signed up for a level one course in a few weeks. I hope you have a great season and hopefully I'll be able to get back out there sooner than later. Thanks again."

Lex - Canada - (age 20)

"Dear Turner, Hi! How are you? I miss you, Core Camp and Whistler. That one week was awesome for me. I’d like to thank you for everything. See you again in Whistler."

Tomoko - Japan - (age 33)

"Thank you very much for all the time we spent on the mountains. I had a great time snowboarding with the other riders from different countries. I learned a lot of new stuff - tricks, spins, riding powder, backflips and CASI level 1. I'm coming back! "

Jaime - Spain - 4 complete winters with us!! (age 16)

"I enjoyed core camps so much. It was just an awesome time! It was perfect, and help from the coaches made me quite simply to pass the CASI test. Fresh powder and some of the sickest tree lines I've ever done! Thanks for the great time!"

Thomas - Switzerland - (age 23)

"The guidance I received at Core Camps has helped me progress to a level I wouldn't have thought possible. They were great in instilling me with the confidence to try out all sorts of jumps, drops, new terrain and tricks I never thought to try. But what I will remember the most was how laid back the experience was. I felt it was more like a bunch of buddies getting together for a day's riding and this is what I valued the most. Not the typical school I came to expect. Thanks for the incredible time - bring on the next season!"

Adam - Australia - (age 29)

"I was in Core Snowboard Camps for 2 months. I was nervous because my English was basic, but the coaches spoke a little Japanese so I felt comfortable every day. The coaches know Whistler and Blackcomb very well. We rode secret and cool snowboarding spots. For example: with a small hike, we rode untracked an powder bowl. Some days we made backcountry jumps. We did tree runs, small cliff and of course terrain parks and half-pipes. I could choose from many levels of jumps and rails in the park, so it was easy to progress. In the evenings I liked going to the sports gym for strength training, swimming and relaxing in a big hot tub. Sometimes at night we went to a pub. I could practice speaking English with everyone. It was super fun. I want to join again next season. Thank you."

Nobuyuki - Japan - (age 26)

"That was super fun. All were very good coaches. They also helped me to pass my CASI Level 1 very easily. I had a lot of new snowboarding experiences: build jumps, jump big cliff, ride the terrain parks etc. The snow in Whistler is awesome. That was a very good time."

Jean - France - (age 22)

"This whole snowboarding gig is very new to me, but what I do know about the sport I owe to the coaches. They have the instinctive ability that pushed me to my individual limits. Simply put, Core Snowboard Camp rocks. I’ll never forget it. I highly recommend this camp to anyone and everyone, whatever your level."

Mark - Australia - (age 35)

"Hey Turner, I also would like to thank you for the time I had in Whistler. It was really nice to meet all of you and to spend a month in the camp. I hope you and the camp are still having a great time in Whistler. Enjoy the rest of the season. Sincerely,"

Fabienne - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 19)

“Thanks to you, Cam and Reid, I have certainly come back feeling more confident about the mountains. Now hopefully I can put all that I learnt to practice the next time I am looking down a double black diamond run! I Can't believe that the two weeks ran off so quickly. I do miss Whistler and am pretty sure I will be heading back that way again with some friends. Please give my regards to Cam, Reid, Steve and the whole crew.”

Harish - Hong Kong - 2 week camp (age 34)

“Rupert was stoked about his skiing. Thank you for showing him the best skiing he has ever seen. Also thank you for looking after Rupert. We will be back. Cheers!”

Rupert - Australia - 1 week camp (age 23)

“ Yeeeeah niiice :D... thanks, for an amazing season!!”

Pia - Denmark - 10 week camp (age 19)

"Thanks to coach Javier and everyone else for the great time!"

Gina - Switzerland - 5 week camp (age 23)

"I just wanted to say thank you for having him. He had a great time and is already talking about "next year". Thank you also for setting him up with Debbie (homestay) - that worked really well and he enjoyed being so close to everything."

Harrison - Canada - 2 week camp (age 14)

Message to all skiers from a Swiss guy skiing for the last 16 years – “Core Camp is for me a great thing for skiers from all levels. The coaches are pushing you in such a good way, and if you try to do what they say to you, you will get fast into a higher ski level. So take the chance, go to Whistler BC, make some friends, meet and ride with professional skiers, and you will have lots of snow. And that’s all you need for one of the best ski seasons of your life...”

Ciril - Switzerland - 3 week camp (age 19)

Hey Turner! I had an amazing time this trip. I felt like 3 weeks was perfect to not only enjoy the mountain in different weather but to also see a progression in my skiing. I'm really excited for the chance to come back in December 2013. (this is going to be the greatest year of my life ;) And by the way, Marcos is an excellent coach as well. I really enjoyed skiing with him the last week. I learned a lot, got into some new territory, and had a blast doing it.

Gaurav - USA - 3 week camp (age 30)

"I would just like to thank you Turner, Javier and everyone else for an awesome week of camp! I definitely improved a lot (especially in the trees :P) and even landed some more 3's. I can't wait for next year!"

Josh - USA - 2 times at camp (age 16)

"Hey Turner, Thanks for the email and for sending those photos through. I just wanted to say that the camp and the experience with you guys in Whistler was far greater than I ever could of imagined when I booked it and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of my time with you guys. I actually have really missed it all the last few days now that I am back at work, but that just makes me realize how great a time I really did have. It really is a great camp that you offer, especially with the great coaches that you have involved with it and I learnt so much during my two weeks, especially in the park. I only wish I had of been able to stay longer to learn more. I will be definitely spread the word about core camps and recommend it to all my snow obsessed friends back home. I definitely will be looking to join you guys there again next season. Keep in touch. Cheers"

Mitchell - Australia - 2 week camp (age 23)

"Hey Turner, Thank you for having me - it’s been the best holiday of my life! I would love to come back next winter and I think the chances are that I will return. Thanks again for everything and I will stay in touch."

Yoni - Netherlands - 5 week camp (age 19)

"Hi Turner, First of all, thanks for having me in Whistler! You were a very good host, and I had a great two weeks with you, the staff and the other campers. Wish I could've stayed for longer. Hope Flo and the others are settling in and throwing massive tricks by now! Javi was great and very technical - always paying attention to small details. We also benefited a lot from Javi’s local knowledge of the mountains - I really appreciated him personally taking time to bring me up to a massive run off the Blackcomb glacier (which was just awesome). Also, because the ski groups were slightly smaller I felt we got a lot out of it. Overall, it was a great experience - very happy! Send my regards to Javier!"

Fred - UK - 2 week camp (age 29)

"Hey Turner! Thank you! I had a great time. Really miss the hill, man. There is nothing good about being back home. Friday grad was actually really great! I didn't think we'd have so much fun and so many laughs. It was nice of coach Javier to share his stories too. So I want to come back for 3 weeks! I'm thinking March. Super excited- (and still grateful for the first two weeks) Thank you"

Gaurav - USA - 2nd 2 week camp (age 30)

"Hey Turner, I’ve been thinking about Core and Whistler for the last few days, after heading out of Whistler. Thanks again for having me at Core. The 6 weeks went by so fast, and it was so much fun. Words are kind of hard to describe the experience of being there, and everything that went on to make that 6 weeks so memorable. Still remembered the first night I arrived, got to hang out with the Core campers already there, even though 5 minutes before meeting them, I didn't know anyone really. Great start, to be able to be in a group with others who were keen/passionate about snow. Then in the days that followed, it was great to be pushed by the coaches. Am definitely happy that I got to do a lot of firsts in several things. And things like those powder days, backcountry touring, cat skiing, jump days, park sessions, skiing un-named lines.... Cheers"

Shaw - New Zealand - 6 week camp (age 34)

"Hey Turner, It really was great spending the three weeks with you guys in Whistler. And then just as I was settling in nicely I had to leave :-( I'm pretty sure I'll be back though, it's a great part of the world and the camp set up is great). Thanks for sharing your love of the mountain with me. Cheers (and happy St Patrick's Day!)"

Susan - Ireland - 3 week camp (age 31)

"Thanks for everything, I definitely had an amazing time. I learned a lot of new things and skied in conditions that I have never done before - so great experience. It was just way too short! I would really like to come back."

Raphael - Switzerland - 2 week camp (age 23)

"Hi Turner! At the Bill's last Friday i was getting emotional and i couldn't finish my speech as i would like to ;) Thank you Turner for this great month at Core Camps! I was expecting it since almost 1 year and now it's already done...the time went so fast! Core Camps is an amazing life's experience, meeting great people, improving our ski with amazing coaches in an awesome resort. Skiing in Whistler was a child's dream for me, and I’ve decided to make me this gift to have finished my studies, and it was better that I have imagined! Keep going with Core Camps, you are making everybody happy and it's such a great time for all of us, member of the Core family ! :*) See you Turner, and thanks again!!!"

Shadia - Switzerland - 4 week camp (age 23)

"Hi Turner - Thank you for having such an awesome camp. I had a blast meeting everyone and the skiing was amazing. I definitely plan to come back next year! Take care!"

Girish - USA - 3 week camp (age 33)

"Hey Turner, I started missing it all the day I left, I am already in deep powder withdraw. I had a blast meeting every version of me… I am already anticipating the video!! Thanks again for the string of BEST DAY evers!"

Doug - Canada - 2 times so far (age 21)

"Turner, I literally can't thank you enough for the best time of my life. The camp was phenomenal, and the coaches truly inspired me to become better skiers. Ludo did also. I couldn't say it enough while I was there and haven't stopped since I have been back but it was an absolutely incredible experience that I will remember forever. All the best,"

Spencer - USA - Won our free Ski Camp contest..! (age 23)

"Can’t forget to say what an awesome time at whistler getting to ride lots of deep powder, riding some really well built parks, seeing some old friends meeting new ones and chilling in the village and rider house. I’ll be back again next year for sure!"

Nevin - Canada - 1 week camp (age 19)

"Hey Turner, This were the my best 14 ski days ever! It was such a great ski group as well as the whole camper group. I met new friends, had so much fun and such an amazing time. Javier was the best coach I ever had. I learned so much about skiing and the mountains like never before. I really miss the camp and the campers. So thank you very much to make a childhood dream come true for me. Hopefully we see us next season:-) Kind Regards"

Sebastian - Germany - 2 week camp (age 27)

"Hey Turner! I had a great time in Whistler and skiing and training with Core Camps was an excellent way of pushing limits after many seasons of "tourist skiing". The whole experience worked great: campers, coaches, rider house, etc everything was perfect! So I definitely look forward to returning back to Core Camps soon! Please don’t hesitate to use me as a reference for any South Americans aiming for the Core experience! Send my regards to Javi and all the CC family! Cheers!"

Miguel - Argentina - 1 week camp (age 26)

"Ciao Turner, You don't have to thank me, but it's the opposite, you gave me the opportunity to live the greatest experience of my life. It was too short for me!!! I hope to come back soon!! If you come in Italy, call me...it's a pleasure!! I think about Whistler every day. I miss Whistler !!! Ciao BELLO!! Aoooooooooooo................"

Tulio - Italy - 4 week camp (age 26)

"His comment to us was it was the best week of his life. He said he was exhausted every afternoon..Thank you for looking after him he said you made it all very easy for him. Enjoy the rest of your season. Kind Regards"

Lachlan's Mom - Australia - 2 week camp (age 24)

Hey Turner, this time was different; weather-wise and people-wise. I definitely became a better skier, and will probably be back next year! Thanks for everything you've put into making this camp great!"

Etan - USA - 1 week camp (age 21)

"Thanks Turner! I think Chris had a great time there. We are hoping to do the same thing next winter."

Chris's Mom - USA - 1 week camp (age 15)

“Hey, and thanks to the camp for an awesome time and wicked skiing, I'm already planning for next year to come up for 2-4 weeks and maybe even bring a few friends up cause they would have a amazing time! Say hi to the guys for me and I'll talk to you soon!”

Reuben - Canada - 1 week camp (age 20)

“Both Meaghan and Douglas had a terrific week with Core Camp… we are very impressed with the program and have been talking it up with our friends this week. You guys work really hard during the week, and the additional activities are excellent.”

Meaghan and Douglas - Canada - 1 week camp x 2 (age 16)

"Cheers, Turner. I certainly had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the environment and atmosphere of Core. As you say, there is so much that I did that I was never expecting to do. I certainly hope to manage a visit next season, even if it is only for a week. I will be spreading the word! All the best for the rest of the season. Hopefully I will be about when you visit in October!”

Victor - UK - 2 week camp x 2 (age 36)

“I loved my time at Core, you’ve got a great set-up with great people. One week wasn’t enough to get the most out of it…Canada is a beautiful country. Yours faithfully”

Sarah - Australia - 1 week camp (age 26)

“Its Josh from camp earlier this year. I just wanted to tell you I had the time of my life up there in Canada with you all. Just everything from the slopes to the camp to the nightlife, everything was so fun. I learned a lot and it was such a great experience. I miss skiing and Whistler so much you don't even know. Every time when I see new photos from friends on facebook up there my stomach drops just wishing I was still up there. I truly wish I could come back to Whistler! Thanks for a great time at Camp”

Josh - USA - 1 week camp (age 21)

“After 19 years of skiing in Europe, this was my first trip to North America. I can definitely say it was the best ski season I’ve ever had. Masses of powder, perfect prepared parks, lots of people that are on the same wave length and great free-skiing improvement. Whistler and especially Core Camps is the best place to be if you love skiing and a great group atmosphere! The coaches are wicked, they’ll show you the best spots on the mountains and bring your skiing to the next level and maybe further! If you want to have the best time of your life on skis, join Core Camps!!!”

Tobi - Germany - 2 week camp (age 23)