Snowboard Camp Reviews

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“DO IT! Best way to appreciate whistler!”
An incredible way to go to whistler. The camp is flexible, friendly...saying that it can safely take you to whatever limits you would like to push yourself to on the mountain. The coaches are extremely experienced and can tailor the lessons to what you need. Sometimes that is working on a specific part of your carving other days its showing you some of the lesser known spots. I had visited whistler before but as a tourist you dont even scratch the surface. They always know where the best conditions on the mountain are and therefore you get more out of your trip than is safely possible without them. People often worried about who (age/gender/level etc etc etc) is on the camp but they are pointless worries. Everyone is there to ride and the levels are so varied that you will find your place in no time. Just you, with a friend or a group its fantastic. For a week, a month or a season. Core Camps is the ideal set up for snowboarding, thats why sooo many people come back. This has been a bit of a gushing review for me but I had 2 months there and bloody loved it!
Bobby – UK - 8 week camp

“My favorite escape...”
I had such an amazing and unforgettable experience during my week long stay with Core Camp! If you want to have fun while incorporating a higher level of athleticism to your skiing ability, I highly recommend that you sign up soon.

The camp exceeded my expectations in all aspects ranging from the efficient enrollment process and comprehensive agenda, to the goals/results achieved throughout my stay. The instructors are colorful characters and provided insightful techniques that helped me to charge fast and freely down runs less travelled set amongst a backdrop of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. I learned so much about expanding my capabilities, skiing smarter across various terrain, equipment fundamentals, forces of nature, and the ONLY way one should eat chicken wings.

Fellow campers were diverse, personable and energetic. So encouraging and such a pleasure to ride with. Turner, the camp owner/director, is top notch. He is extremely thoughtful, ensuring that everyone is integrated and having a fabulous time both on and off the slopes. I loved the group BBQ!

This was my fifth visit to Whistler, but the first time seeing and feeling it in such a unique and inspiring way. I am so grateful for the opportunity of having Core Camp as part of my journey. I hope it becomes a part of yours too. :)
Bernice – USA - 1 week camp

“Best way to experience Whistler!”
Core camps have so much to offer. If you’re looking to improve your riding skills, find some great spots on Whistler Blackcomb, or just have a fun time with a good group of people, this is the camp for you. I was only able to stay for a week, but it was one of the best weeks ever. If I had the opportunity to stay longer, I would do so without question. Unfortunately, my work schedule wouldn’t allow it. Thank you Core camps for making my Whistler vacation so delightful!
Phil – USA - 1 week camp

“Best SnowCamp Ever...=)”
The Coaches are great, lots of positive input, great motivators, and makes everything come together for the riders. Riders are awesome, and always have your back on the mountain.
Scott - USA – Joined us 5+ times so far

“Can´t wait for next season!!!!”
I spent a great week with Core Camps in January 2016. Everything and everyone, from Turner, the coaches, the other campers in the house… me to get in the “zone” of riding and getting better. And the weather was excellent (powder days). Flute bow was the best!!!

If you are in doubt of taking this journey with Core Camps, GO FOR IT!!!! I was, but I enjoyed so much that I am looking forward to come back next season to stay as much time as I can. Hopefully it would be more than 1 week. Core camps takes cares of everything, all you need to worry is to have fun! Thank you Turner and the crew for everything.
Bruno – Peru - 1 week

“Get Screaming!”
It was my first time at Core Camps and Whistler and such a different take on a weeks' ski course. If you want to be pushed out of your comfort zone, improve in powder, throw yourself off some jumps and meet a bunch of like minded people then this is for you. Intermediate skiers will benefit most as you will take a step up from piste technique focus and really get learning by example and practise. The free ski element really pushes you to get involved and take your skiing to the next level. But you have to be brave and get stuck in!
I think if you want to truly feel part of the team you are best staying in the group accommodation but even though I didn't, I had a great time meeting a whole range of ages and nationalities. This adds to the experience and it was lovely to meet the Argie coaches Javier and Marcos too. I know Javi enjoyed my switch ski-ing the most ;)
Turner is very organised and helpful and this ensures that you don't need to worry about too much when you get there and that you can trust the booking from overseas.
Hopefully I will be back one day and this course has given me the confidence to step up my skiing and I look forward to practising what I have learnt on my next trip.
Louise – UK – 1 week camp

“So much serenity...”
I had nothing short of a fricking blast at Core Camps, Whistler. After a long year of solid work, I needed a break, something that didn't involve too much organising and would entertain me.
I was extremely entertained. From day one, Turner, general big boss man, snowboarder extraordinaire, aficionado of peculiar cult films and practicing comedian (still needs some work), was an extraordinary host.
Arriving in the big unknown of Canada, jet-lagged and alone, I was promptly escorted directly to the door of one of the camp houses, where I stayed for the next 4 weeks, surrounded by great people and good times.
The thing about Core Camps, although of course a clichè, you do feel part of a family and coming alone or in a group everyone welcomes you with arms akimbo.
The snow was insanely good, I don't think there was a week where we didn't have at least 1 (if not 5) days where we were lining up bright and early for some sweet pow runs (proceeding to get so #pitted).
Variety of great coaches, who became good friends once we broke down their shallow facades of snowboarding despots. Big shout out to Oli, Melie and Luke.
Getting emotional, have to stop. But unequivocal and indubitable good times to be had.
Brendan – Australia – 4 week camp

“Best month ever!”
I had such a good time with Core last year that I just had to come back for another month this year and it was the best month ever. We rode fresh powder, did tree runs, jumps, drops and carved up the mountains. My snowboarding improved so much that I went from doing green and blue runs to double blacks competently. All the campers and coaches are super nice and it's such a positive and supportive atmosphere I didn't want to leave. I can't wait until next season - I think I'll do two months!!
Alex – Australia - 4 week camp

“Get involved... You won't regret it!”
If you are planning a trip to Whistler do yourself a favour and get involved with Core Camps, you won't regret it! Myself and my two friends did just that and had the best two weeks ever.

We loved skiing with our awesome coaches Javier and Marcos who taught us loads and pushed us to get outside of our comfort zone and keep improving... all while taking us to all the best spots on the mountain.

Other than the amazing skiing the other main thing that impressed us about Core was the service. From the moment we registered for Core Camps to the moment we left Turner went out of his way to ensure everything went smoothly.

If you love getting knee deep in powder and meeting some really cool people along the way then Core is definitely for you!
Sean – Scotland - 2 week camp

“Amazing week of POWDER!!”
It's was the second time I was doing Core camp and it was as good if not better then the first time (more powder :D). They have great ski coachs that are always able to help you to improve your skiing in any type of condition (even if you are already a good skier and you have skied all your life) and they bring you to some really nice place you wouldn't be able to go alone! The group is amazing and it's fun to stay in their rider house!
Thanks for everything Turner and for the coaching Marcos!! It was really fun to ski all those places with you during an amazing week of powder!
Zak – Canada – skier - 1 week x 2

“Great Experience!”
I join Core Camps for 2 weeks as a snowboard beginner. I learned solid techniques that allow me to snowboard with confidence with the proper mindset to always reach the next level. Thanks for the excellent coaches I had there!
People there are awesome and Turner is a great organizator. I recommend the camps and I wish I could have stay longer there !
Saphir – France – 2 weeks

“Best Vacation Ever!!!!!”
Over the past two years I have been with Core Camps for a grand total of a month and a half, and I loved every second of it. The skiing is the best, there is something for everyone to learn or try, everyday I was up on the hill I was laughing and improving myself as a skier. I highly recommend Core Camps to anyone of any age or of any skill level, Core has created a welcoming and warm environment for everyone whether it be on hill or off hill your always entertained and having fun.
Cian – USA – 4 week camp

“Off the scale”
My biggest brother and I checked into Core Camps during a family holiday in Whistler over Christmas, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made that didn't feature poutine.

Turner was funny, friendly and helpful. It was real reassuring to meet someone with an even nerdier obsession with Love Actually than me. He made us feel welcome even though we weren't staying in the Core house, and made an effort to introduce us to the other campers, who were also great.

From the first day, when Turner sent us away burgeoning under the weight of free stash, we knew the camp was going to be good value for money. I now have an entire outfit of highly exclusive Core merchandise (underwear and pants not included) which has made me the envy of all my peers. Excellent.

The skiing conditions were divine and, although Core Camp probably shouldn't take credit for the weather, Richard, our coach, made sure that we really made the most of it. Our group was small, mighty and dynamic and we really challenged each other (physically and mentally). It is safe to say that we all learned a great deal.

At the beginning of the camp I was an experienced, but not exactly textbook perfect skiier, but through a series of on-piste drills which were then contextualised off-piste, Richard really helped me to develop and improve my style (further aided by my wavy Core Camp garms). I got to put my new skills to the test skiing some breath taking terrain in perfect powder. Skiing Flute on Christmas day was one of the most standout best moments of my life so far. I literally and figuratively had a smile frozen onto my little adrenaline flushed face.

Core Camp kept the good times rolling off the slopes as well; there were some great evenings spent in Whistler's bars and Stella's Christmas dinner was completely off the chain. Thank you Stella, I'm still having gourmet flash-backs.

Even if I tried really hard I wouldn't be able to fault the week. The Core crew were flawless, the snow was perfect and Whistler was exquisite.

In the words of Karen, the sad mum from Love Actually, 'True love lasts a lifetime,' so Whistler, I'll be back.
Kitty – UK – 1 week camp

“Amazing honeymoon with core camp!”
My husband and I did core camp for our honeymoon and we had an amazing time. Turner the camp director was awesome and made sure we had a great time both on and off the mountain. Our coach was patient, helpful, a lot of fun and took us to areas of the mountain we would have never experienced. We improved our snowboarding while having fun. We loved the house we stayed in and had a great time with the others. We would highly recommend it to anyone. We hope to do it again some day.
Nikki and Husband - Canada – 1 week each - Visited December 2015

“The best snowboarding experience of my life”
Superb experience
Great mountains
Great organisation
Great snow
Great people
If you want to improve as a snowboarder in the company of great people with amazing piste and off piste terrain this is the place for you. Camp is really well run, and my only complaint was I wanted to stay longer.
Tom – Ireland – 2 weeks

“Loads of fun ”
Whistler is having an amazing season right now and Core Camps is a great way to experience it! The owner/camp director Turner makes sure things run smoothly, the instruction is great (with video analysis every week), there are fun social events, and you're sharing a house with an international crew of powder hounds! While I was there there were Brazilian, Dutch, Irish, Scottish, American, Australian, German, Korean and Swiss folk! And of course, a Canadian (me). Like the title says, loads of fun!
Daniel – Canada – 1 week

“Best time of my life!”
I am from the most northern community in North America and I first went to Core Camps in 2012. Then went back again in 2015! It was the best experience of my life! i've really improved my riding. Coaches are fun and they know the best spots on the mountain.
Etuangat Akeeagok (Kyle) - Northern Canada – three week camp x 2

“Best snowboard camp in the world.”
I´ve been with Core twice and I will be back for sure! The director of the camp will make sure that you have the best of whistler ,the coaches are really good snowboarders and you will be riding the best places.
Jeffrey – Brazil – 2 week camp x 2

“Best experience on the snow”
I've been with Core twice now, in Whistler and Argentina and would do it again!
If you like getting off the groomers, improving your skiing/boarding while trying new things and having a great time with awesome people while riding the best pow, this is the camp to do!
My personal experiences with Turner and Marcos have been great. I'll be back!
Johan – Australia - 2 week camp x 2

“Core Camps Argentina 2015”
Wow is the best way I can think to start this review what a trip. The location for the accommodation was great mixture of local culture close to the shops and restaurants.
Combing with local insider knowledge from Marcos with Turner running this camp the same way as whistler as combing the cross between the feeling of having fun with old friends and family while meeting and hanging out with new like minded friends.
On the hill you a wanting to push yourself because you want to keep up some days making you the better skier or rider back up with the support of both highly talented / trained coaches.
Don't wait just go this was my third trip and would go again in a heart beat.
Jesse – Australia – has joined us three times so far

The two weeks I did with Core camp were awesome!! Turner was fantastic for organizing everything! The coach knew all the mountain!! Special thanks to Marcos for coaching me the two weeks I were there. Zak.
Zak – Canada – 1 week x 2

“Shred Gnar With Core!”
I came across Core Camps website on the internet a few years back when I was looking for a way to improve my freestyle snowboarding. I have since attended 3 seperate week long camps and they NEVER dissapoint. The camp's owner Turner, is a Whistler local and all around awesome dude! He knows all the secret lines and pow stashes in Whistler that only a local would know. Not only is he a great snowboarder, he is super organized and highly responsive when it comes to taking bookings and arranging accommodations. I literally don't think I have ever waited more than an hour or two for a response to an email inquiry.
The best part of being in camp with Core is definitely the experience of spending a week riding with a group of like minded people. Everyone is just there to focus on riding and having a good time. You meet some great people from all over, and snowboarding with the group pushes you to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. You will be super stoked as you stomp that first cliff or cornice drop. Even when you head to the pub at night everyone is still amped and talking about the various tricks they worked on throughout the day. I have seen vast improvement in my riding due to my experience with Core. I can't recommend Turner and Core Camps highly enough. If you are on the fence, definitely sign up, you won't regret it. My only regret is that I don't have more than a week off to spend there each year!
Ryan – Canada - has joined us three times so far

“The best winter experience you can get!”
For anyone looking for a snowboard/ ski camp, Core is definitely the one to go! I have joined the camp twice for a longer period of time and it is basically the best time I've ever had. The coaches are all crazy shredders. Following them around the mountains, trying to keep up and do the same stuff they do, will improve your riding immensely. They will make it possible for you to do a lot of crazy stuff you would never be able to do on your own, and take you to places you would never find. Combine this with a group of like minded people to hang out and party with, on and off the mountain, and you will have the best time of your life!
Bas – Netherlands - 8 week and 4 week camp

“Immerse yourself in whistler life!”
Such a good experience both on and off the mountain. Your riding improves dramatically with coaching each day and huge mountains to explore. This camp attracts great people and really gives you a sense living in whistler and experiencing everything this town has to offer! Will definitely head back.
Ryan – Australia – 3 week camp

“Highly recommend”
Core camps makes you feel at home. You will have an amazing time even if conditions are bad. They have knowledgable instruciors, a great atmosphere, and amazing customer service. I had an amazing 1 week trip and plan to go back again. If you are looking for a winter ski/snowboard camp, this is the one to pick.
Kaylam – Canada – 1 week

I have one word that describes Core Camps Whistler – Perfect. I would not change a second of my staying there.
The couches, the mountain, the house, the office, the campers, the Village, everything was great.
The couches gives you the confidence to push your limits and improve your hiding. If you love snowboarding that’s definitely the place to go.
Fernando - Brazil – 2 week camp

“McShredder and arnies”
Had an epic time with the core team out in whistler! Will never forget my tine there. And got some serious shredding done!! Well worth it if ur a keen and budding snowboarder or skiier.
Ali – Scotland – 4 week camp - Visited February 2015

I had an awesome week in whistler with a fantastic group of lads and coaches. Improved heaps, onwards and upwards for core camps
Adam – Australia – 1 week camp

“Unforgettable Experience”
My experience at Core Camps was truly unforgettable, I was with the camp for 11 weeks in the 2014/2015 season. My snowboarding improved so much over the 11 weeks - learning and doing so many things I didn't think I would ever do. Turner and the coaches really helped make my Core Camp experience with their immense knowledge of snowboarding and the Whistler Blackcomb mountain area - with their knowledge came many secret spots where you could find untouched runs of powder or terrain that I didn't even know existed. I went into the camp not knowing anyone as a solo traveller however made so many friends for life, which made my experience even more enjoyable. The camp in all aspects was beyond what I imagined and truly had an unforgettable time, I would recommend it as a must for anyone interested in skiing or snowboarding.
Tilly - Australia – 11 week camp

“Killin' it.”
I had the pleasure of riding with this group for a week in March. From the start, communications with Turner, the owner/founder, was friendly and inviting with fast response times. The accommodations were superb and living with a group of equally enthusiastic campers really added to the experience.

Riding with the coaches was amazing. Their knowledge of the mountain, ability to gauge your skill level, and offer instruction to help you improve was very valuable. My riding confidence has greatly improved over the short week I spent there.

If you want to improve your snowboarding and enjoy hanging out with awesome people, then this camp is for you. My only regret is not staying longer.
Derrick – USA – 1 week camp

“Awesome Time”
I spent four weeks at Core Camps in Whistler and I had such a great time. My snowboarding improved so much and I had fun on the slopes every day. Everybody is so positive and helpful there. The coaches try to push you to make new experiences and to improve your riding. They show you secret powder spots which are incredible. Worth to go there, great recommendation!
Sylvia – Switzerland - 4 week camp

“An awesome experience I will never forget !”
I first visited Core camps in the season of 2010/2011. The coaches know the mountains really well and they improved my riding by a lot! They showed me a new way of looking at the mountain and how to ride it having as much fun as possible. I came back again in the season of 2012/2013 for more pow and also got my instructor levels thanks to the help of the very helpful feedback by the director of Core camps. I definitely recommend this camp to anyone who likes to ski or snowboard.
Marijn – snowboarder – 12 week camp x 2

“Whistler Blackcomb Spring 2015”
Great place to improve and enjoy snow boarding, my kid had a great time, Turner and the staff were very professional and fun. Definitely we will send them again
Santiago – Mexico – 2 week camp

“A great way to get to know whistler blackcomb”
I spent a week with the crew at core in whistler this season and it was a fantastic experience. The guides know the two mountains inside out and were super helpful in improving my riding in the short time I had.special thanks to turner for his tireless efforts. I will definitely be back!
Raj – UK – 1 week camp

“My British Columbian snowboarding dream became true!!! And I definitely want to taste this feeling again!”
Well, I still can't realize how this experience was so good, so magical, such a blessing! It's like I found myself there. There's no better place when you're passionate about snowboarding and trusty about riding your snowboard on freaking unbelievable snow! Yes man, we are talking about British Columbian snow, one the topest location in the world along with Alaska and Japan. Such a paradise! Everything is all good there. The spirit between the different riders, between the coaches, between the Core Camp staff was so great! The pedagogy is on point! The only thing you can do is improve your skills such the motivation is great between the riders and especially due to Core Camp professionalism. Honestly, you feel how those guys (Core Camp staff) have such an amazing experience, know-how, expertise, it's their craft that's it that's all! For example, most of the coaches are still, or are used to be pro-riders which is meaningful in term of knowledge.
The housing is perfect, everything is made for your comfort, and the only thing you have to take care about and focus on is your riding progression! The whole Core Camp environment and facilities make you want to charge more on your snowboard!
I've never felt such motivation to ride so far! That's why I'm saying it's a dream to be there.
It's seem obvious that I want to return there. Moreover, you will meet many people who are there for their second or third time. After that experience some people even made the choice to come live here! It's clear that those two facts are meaningful and speak by themselves!
If you're either a snowboard passionate or a beginner, it's definitely worth it! In both cases you will find the appropriate match.
Don't hesitate and book your trip there!
Amine – France – 2 week camp

When you look for a winter adventure camp you need to ask yourself 2 things :
1) are you ready to be put in the most magestic scenery with the knowledge and skill to conquer anything you set your sights on?
2) are you willing to be open minded and make potential life long friends and family?

If you said yes to both of those you might as well get ready to book off the next 3 years of vacation time to go to core camps because once you go; it's an addiction only they can fix!

There is a reason the return rate is so high;
the staff are very educational , playful and have the best intentions when they help you achieve great things on the mountain.
Management performance is always top notch.
Housing is fabulous, it will become your family away from home for the time being there.
It was my first snowboarding camp and I had to return 3 weeks later because I loved it so much.
I will be returning again next winter season it's a guarantee.
NOW Is the time to book your flights to paradise in a winter wonderland.
Alexandra – Canada – 1 week camp

“Amazing experience”
March 2015 was my second trip with Core Camps, and it was every bit as good as my first trip (December 2013). Amazing coaches (Oli, for this trip) who really push you out of your comfort zone and progress your riding and take you on adventures all over the mountains.
Most campers are solo, the houses are clean and comfy. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging.
I can't recommend them highly enough. I went back for seconds, I can think of no higher praise :)

If you are considering Core Camps, just do it. You won't regret it.
Phillip – Ireland – 2 times at camp

This was my second time going on vacation by myself and I had simply the best of times! Everybody in Core Camps was constantly kind and friendly, and we had a great time together. My skiing improved a great deal as well and I also got my CSIA Level 1 during my stay. Everybody was awesome while riding or in the activities after, wether they be Video Analysis night or going out with your friends.
Overall a super fun experience which I hope to some day be able to repeat, and maybe stay for a bit longer than a month this time if possible.
Conrado – Argentina – 4 week camp

I was at Core for a month in 2015 and had such a great time. My snowboarding progressed even more than I had hoped for and made a heap of great friends along the way. If you want to progress your riding and have a great time riding with new friends then Core is the place for you. I'll definitely be back next season (hopefully for a longer stay)!!!
Alex – Australia – 1 month camp