Snowboard Camp Accommodation

Our accommodations in Whistler are bright, comfortable, cozy and set up with all the amenities for you to fully relax after each big day of riding.
Our Standard House is a nice townhouse and is a short bus ride to Whistler Village.
Our Premier House* is nice log house with a hot tub and is a 5 minute walk to Whistler Village.
Each place has laundry facilities, WIFI, TV, sheets and duvets, towels, full kitchens (for cooking at home) and are fully furnished with two beds in each room. There are supermarket(s) and restaurants are close by each place. *This house is offered for a weekly supplement.
A few photos below of our accommodations.

Alternatively, our home stay option includes a private room and 3 meals per day while living with local Whistler family (for an extra $300/week).
If you're planning to stay somewhere else, we're happy send you several links of our preferred hotels, lodges and hostels.