Core Camp Coaches

We have an amazing group of top level coaches and guest pros who have dedicated their lives to snowboarding and coaching in Whistler. All of our coaches are specially chosen for their extensive coaching experience, effective coaching techniques, amazing talent, local mountain knowledge, infectious personalities etc. They are funny, passionate, personable and genuinely caring. Our coaches will help you improve, reach you goals and build confidence on your boards at a comfortable pace. They know every hidden pow run, secret stash, jump run, jib line, sweet spot etc than you can imagine. Learn it right and learn it all from our pro coaches. Our low camper to coach ratio (4:1 average) ensures you lots of personal coaching and attention. You will ride in a group of a similar level. It’s all about snowboarding together, having fun and completely improving your riding.

Turner Montgomery Camp owner Filmer Guy who thinks he's funny



I've been living, riding and coaching in Whistler for most of my life. Snowboarding is my passion and helping you have the best possible Whistler experience is what I love to do - that's why I created Core Camp 14 years ago. It's all about riding together, having fun and completely improving your riding. I ride with the coaches and campers most days with a video camera and I'll warn you now of my bad non-stop jokes. In the summers I coach and race BMX and do Core Camp in South America.

Olivier Roy

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You'll honestly love riding with Oli - he's a smooth riding, joke telling pro rider who refuses to grow up (like the rest of us here). Oli's been riding and coaching in Whistler for over 20 years now and has a fun and effective coaching style. Oli knows the mountains better than the patrollers and he'll take you daily to some amazing secret spots. Off the mountain, Oli is also a very talented artist with works all over Canada. RECENT VIDEO

Melie de Jonge



We’re so stoked to have Melie as part of the team. Always smiling and positive, Melie’s deep mountain knowledge and fun coaching style makes her a big time favorite among the riders. If her smile doesn’t win you over, then her solid shredding will. Want to improve in powder, trees, freestyle… everything… then Melie’s your woman. Melie’s also a solid snowmobiler, motocrosser and downhill mountain biker.

Jordan Decker

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Growing up in New Zealand on the rugged slopes of King Mountain Ruapehu has left Jordan with a love of Big Mountain riding and a freestyle swagger. Jordan’s spent over 10 years coaching here in the Great White North all while flying back home to the NZ winter in the off season. Jordan’s technical and enthusiastic approach to snowboarding can bring your riding to the next level. From running table top games on his homemade table to growing his own hops, Jordan’s always keeping busy trying to stay out of trouble.

Luke Niedzielski

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Luke is a truly awesome guy with a unique character and a big heart. Luke has a very positive ‘Yes, you can do it!’ approach to coaching and teaching which riders really love and can attest to. Riders can really learn a lot with Luke. Luke’s has the highest coaching levels that we’ve ever heard of too. Like all of our coaches, Luke has spent years riding and coaching in Whistler so he knows the best secret spots, he’ll take you there daily and help you do it right.

David Melancon

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David Melancon (pronounced 'melon-son') is a super positive, humble, rare breed or rider with snowboarding in his blood. David's been dominating the pro scene for the last 10 years and has sick parts in all the big videos. Originally from Quebec, he's a 24-7 non-stop rider whose unrivaled snowboarding and local mountain knowledge will help you discover a new way of looking at and riding mountains - and campers love this! 3rd generation trapper, Dave's stories and story telling are legendary (ask him about his bobcat fight). David is a true Canadian snowboard legend and we're so stoked to have him with us! Dave’s recent videos

David Torre

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David Torre is an extremely knowledgeable level 3 snowboard coach. Kicked out of Spain for wearing a hat in school, David joined Core, progressed into a solid and stylish rider, worked as a local snowboard instructor and then 4 years ago, became the first Core camper to become a coach. From park to powder to paella, you’ll learn a lot form David. Ay caramba.Recent video

Oscar Lacueva



Oscar is a really fun coach to ride with. He'll keep you busy and showing you new things on your board from the top to bottom of every run. Lots of campers request Oscar each week and he has way too much experience than we can list here... Oscar's also a professional mountain biker and coach in the summers.

Javier Munoz

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Javier is a super experienced coach and a super fun hombre to ride with. He was Whistler's "Rookie instructor of the year" recently and and has more certifications than a boy scout including being a certified heli-boarding and cat-boarding guide! This guy knows THE best spots on the mountains and he'll take you there in style. From big mountain lines to tech carving and everything in between, you'll learn a lot from Javier!

Guest Pros


JF Pelchat

Vanessa Stark

Chris Dufficy

Etienne Gilbert

Ryan Rausch

Keep checking our list for new coaches/instructors.