Argentina Camp Reviews

Some reviews from our most recent Snowboard Camp in Argentina

Had a tremendous experience in Argentina with Core Camps this August. Both Turner and Marcos were fantastic guiding us through the mountains and exploring the town. The food, the laughs and the company, a truly wonderful adventure!
- Mikaela (Canada)

Dear Turner, It was a delightful and thoroughly enjoyable, beautiful experience in Argentina. I really enjoyed joining you and the terrific group. Everyone was great. You have developed a memorable brand and the group has a wonderful vibe. So Fun in every was an inspirational time. Fantastic to meet you and spend time.
Warm wishes,
- Clara (New York)

Had a blast, thanks so much for putting it together and hosting.
- Donald (New York)

Turner Sir, The 2018 Trip was fantastic and again it was a mix of great people, weather, food and drink and thanks to you and Marcos the way it was organised and run - it was top drawer sir.
Dave & I certainly appreciated being able to bolt on things like La Frey [hut trip] and Las Lenas and as is the Core way you allowed those who wanted to try this and that's the make of the forward thinking person you are and the ethos of Core. We could not have done it without you and the awesome Marcos, who hooked us up with his contacts in a heartbeat and whom took us into their care and friendship like they knew us for years. The above makes the 2018 Trip even more unique than 2014.
- Dermot (Ireland) - 2014 and 2018 Argentina Camps

Hi Turner, I have to thank you! My expectations have been exceeded by far. The camp was a blast!!! :-)
The snowboarding was awesome, more pow days than during the whole last season in Switzerland, and
I had a lot of fun and good laughs with you guys. Not to forget the super tasty food and vinous evenings ;-) I had a great time with Core Camps and it really helped me to recharge my batteries after an insanely busy time at work. And I'm in love with Argentina now and definitely want to visit it again some time.
I'm sure I will return to Core Camps, may it be in Whistler or somewhere else around the world.
Finally I'd like to thank you (and Marcos) for your kind words to me [on the] last Friday evening, I really appreciated them. Best regards,
- Vera (Switzerland)

Thank you Turner.....He had a blast...he loved it and totally can't wait till Winter... He said he had such a great time with all the people...his new family!!!! Thank you for everything you did to make this a positive and fantastic experience. Thanks for returning him in one piece.
Thank you for watching over him and giving him a life experience in a passion that he has developed. Hopefully he was respectful, helpful, and a positive and valuable addition to your ski program!!!! (Let me know!!!!)
He has not stopped talking about the great skiing (POWDER!!!! POWDER !!!!! and more POWDER!!!)
He loved the Argentinean Mountains of Bariloche, he had so much fun horseback riding and going to the lake and hanging out at night for all the social events and dinners and cookouts... and all the GOUCHO MEAT!!!!! Josh loves his steaks!!!!! And Lamb!!!!! And of course the day he had at the end in BUENOS AIRES Touring and hanging out “in his Extra Day!!!”
Turner… I said to you when we signed up that this would be the best training, best camp, and best experience with your group and
Your program… and your direction and watchful eye.
THANK YOU AGAIN for not only delivering the awesome SKI (and I know for you BOARDING!!!!) Experience…for teaching him to be a better and more advanced skier and, TURNER……………….ESPECIALLY for Josh at 16 years old to travel to South America, hang out with people and now friends / ski family from ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!! And for him to learn about Another country, culture and people while combining it with his passion to be a better skier and better person….It was a total HOME RUN!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!
- Stan and Jodi (Josh’s parents) USA

“Best experience on the snow”
I've been with Core twice now, in Whistler and Argentina and would do it again! If you like getting off the groomers, improving your skiing/boarding while trying new things and having a great time with awesome people while riding the best pow, this is the camp to do!
My personal experiences with Turner and Marcos have been great. I'll be back!
- Johan (Colombia)

Wow is the best way I can think to start this review what a trip. The location for the accommodation was great mixture of local culture close to the shops and restaurants.
Combing with local insider knowledge from Marcos with Turner running this camp the same way as whistler as combing the cross between the feeling of having fun with old friends and family while meeting and hanging out with new like minded friends.
On the hill you a wanting to push yourself because you want to keep up some days making you the better skier or rider back up with the support of both highly talented / trained coaches.
Don't wait just go this was my third trip and would go again in a heartbeat.
- Jesse (Australia)

Turner Sir, It’s my turn to thank you for planning and organising a great trip and I certainly enjoyed the whole experience and learnt a lot from it. It’s always a pleasure and privilege to ride with great riders who push you and bring you on in many different ways and who then spend time talking to you about all things POW. It all serves to make me a better rider but also have a better appreciation for the mountain and all things alpine. Many thanks for everything
- Dermot (Ireland)

No, thank you for organising it. Even though it is a 'package holiday' it's just like a bunch of mates hanging out and riding. That's the great thing about Core Camps. Cheers,
- John (UK)

Hey Turner, It was an awesome experience and I enjoyed getting to know you better during this trip. Very memorable with great people. Look forward to seeing you in Whistler in the winter time. Best-o,
- Warren (USA)

Dear Turner, Thank you so much for such a great experience. The life lessons, the amazing food Asados and especially the snow. Thank you also for picking such an awesome 2 weeks to come - our 1 week fresh pow everyday and 1 week amazing blue skies. I can't wait to see you very soon during my winter break to come and shred some pow out in whistler. Also can you let Marcos know he was the best ski instructor I've had. He joked around and showed me all the fun and hard stuff to do on the mountain. Also tell him thanks for having me at his [Mom's] special restaurant where I had the best lamb ever. Thanks again, see you very soon in whistler thanks again for everything you do. You are amazing at what you put on and can't wait to go on many more fun adventure trips with you and your camp again. Thanks again,
- Josh Slovin (USA)

Hi Turner, The pleasure is mine. It was indeed a great trip, definitely in my top 5 ever. The Andes are way cooler than I had hoped for. I have to blame you for now wanting to go back! I also enjoyed learning about you and core camps....... perhaps in another life I would have liked to do something similar ;) As for this life, I am stoked to spend a season at Whistler. It has been 5+ years in the making. Cheers,
- Jose (USA)

Yo Turner, I'm so glad i signed up for the trip - it was a unforgettable experience. Such a down to earth crew, couldn't imagine a better posse.
I can't thank you and Marcos enough for making it what it was. Killed it bro. Catch you on the flip side.
- Mick (Australia)